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Koolance PC2 case w/ p4 1.8a overclock

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Mar 2, 2002
New York
Well, being new to water cooling I want to get an opinion from the people with similar systems to what I am planning on building. I have read many posts and it seems that most people seem to think that buying separate parts and building your own water cooling system is better than pre-build ones.

The koolance case appeals to me since I am new to water cooling because of its ease to set up.

My system specs(some of this stuff I have not purchased yet but this is what I plan on buying):

Abit TH7II
P4 1.8a Northwood
Samsung double sided RDRAM(pc800)
7200rpm 40gb IBM drive
GeForce 3 Ti500
Koolance PC2 with new 200watt waterblock

The main reason i'm getting a water cooling setup is for better cooling performance and less noise. I want to be able to get the p4 1.8a up to 2.5GHz or so (maybe pushing it but thats what i'm hoping for). Do you people think this will work with the system specs listed and a Koolance PC2 case(i'll be getting the new 200watt koolance waterblock with the case too...).
First of all.


Now that thats out of the way. Your future rig will not dissapoint. Good luck and happy OCing. Be sure to post the results here when youre done with it so that we can all drool over a 2.5 gig speed demon.
Check Joe's comparison of the Koolance to the Swiftech Quiet Power on the front page. The Quiet Power would be better suited to overclocking. Eric at Swiftech has his 1.8 Woody running stable at 2.8 GHz with the Quiet Power.
Thanks for the nice welcome! As far as the case goes, i'll have to see; as of now I plan on staying with the Koolance case but I will definitely look into the Swiftech in more detail. I'm not exactly sure on the price of the Swiftech Quiet Power case however I heard it was a little steep in price compared to the Koolance, which is relatively cheap, and i'm limited on funds :( Thanks for the info, more suggestions welcome.
I too am pretty new to the watercooling game, i went ahead and got the swiftech watercooling kit and the case was seperate.
It was a snap to setup. I was also thinking about getting the koolance but came to the decsion that it would not be very expandable later on down the line.
yeah the swiftech case was a little bit expensive $200 at fry's and the kit was around $150 and the waterblock was $40.