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Koolance Questions

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Aug 1, 2002
North Carolina
Hi all, I been searching for a good answer, but haven't found one, so I am asking here. I have a Koolance case with the 200W Waterblock, a T-Bird 1.33Ghz @ 1.54Ghz(1.85V), on an Asus A7V133-C. My question is which temp gauge is more accurate? The asus tells me I am running like 115 degrees F at idle, but the Koolance probe in the side of the block is telling me I am at 93F. Ambient is about 75F, so what do I believe? I heard the Asus boards always read higher than actual?



Sep 25, 2001
orlando, fl
the asus board i have in my g/f's puter reads approximately 10* celcius over what it really is . . . tested with a temp probe shoved in between the heatsing and processor as close as i can get to the die. i don't think the probe is actually touching the die, but it's close . . .


Unoriginal Macho Moderator
Oct 12, 2001
Los Angeles
Actually the ASUS probe is more realistic than you think. A probe even touching the core is about 7 -10C lower than actual core temps when read via the on die sensor in an XP CPU, I've done it. Do not believe what you see in terms of temps from the block, this is just a fantasy and in no way is measuring the temp of the CPU but of the block itself. If your machine is stable, I wouldn't worry too much about your temps.


Jun 14, 2002
Hampton Roads. VA
WackyWRZ said:
I am worried when ASUS probe says 149*F and the koolance says 106*F!! It starts to get unstable at that point.

If your system is getting unstable when the koolance readout says 106F, then either the Koolance temp is way off, or something in the system isn't setup right. (i.e. waterblock mounting?)

There is no way your system should be locking up at 106F (41c) under normal circumstances.