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Kraken x73 aio 360 fan noise and control vs 2016 thermaltake Riing 360, etc

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Sep 28, 2008
I have an older 2016 thermaltake 360 aio that was starting to make grinding sounds at least on one fan. Its out of warranty and they dont make replacement 5 pin fans to connect to the controller any more, so i opted to test out the kraken x73 360 with the 10900k at 5.1ghz (delidded).

With my old TT, the fans were mostly quiet but only reached around 1500rpm and for the blender test i did reached 89 to 91C depending on room temp (74 to 77), if i hadnt delidded an easy 95 or 96C.

So i installled the kraken, i noted that the offset screws didnt tighten snug to the board, maybe this is by design? My first run without the nzxt software running temps shot to 100C.
I installed the software, and it works better, but sounds like a freight train at nearly 2000 rpm. I tried playing with the curves in the software, this didnt help. The temps were better, around 86C vs the 89 ot 91 (so maybe 5c better but so loud)

I was puzzled that i needed the software running for the temps to be in control. Also wondering if i missed a step in connecting everything. I had the 3 way wire connected to the fans and that into the fan plug on the motherboard. I have the usb into the usb port but there is an extra connector leftover with no purpose (rgb control i think only).
I also just went with the TIM that came on the block, i didnt use artic silver 5 or mx4 (i think mx4 is supposed to be better than as5, but not sure on the installed stuff)
So my questions were: is the bracket supposed to be sort of loose after installing the offset screws, is this typical for this unit to be this noisy (extra rpms i guess), or do most change out the fans with something quiter, if so which. And any way to not have to rely on the software (i wonder if it works through multiple windows profiles).

Thanks in advance
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I have not had one of the X73 coolers. I would suspect that once the software is installed, the pump gets rpm control via that software and maybe runs at a default speed without it installed
^ I would also have to agree. I use Corsair's H100i, H100i v2 & H110 GT BUT they run at max (Pump) when plugged in. Have you checked the Pump speed with it plugged into the MB?? You should also be able to plug the fans into the MB for controlling them also.
I use hwinfo to check the pump speed. I can see the pump speed. I can see cpu package, for instance hwinfo shows 50 (one core at 50 rest 39), but cam software says 39 for the cpu temp.

I click custom to change the curves for fan speeds, when i slide it up to 100 even at the current temp nothing changes. As the cpu gets hot it cranks up to 2000 rpm however, its like the software has no effect. The fans are all going into triple header thing and that into the motherboard fan port (not to the block).
edit: i think only the z73 cam software works to control fan speeds.
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I was able to adjust the bios to limit it to 80% or around 1600rpm, still much noisier than the old thermaltake however but about 2C cooler with this limitation in place, less noisy than 100% 2000 rpm though, i guess maybe i should look for a 3 fan lower db option and swap the fans out
Not sure which alternative fans would match performance though (and lower db, i think these krakens are 36dba)
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