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KT133 BIOS Updates for A7V

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Jan 4, 2001
Northern VA
I was wondering if any of bios updates for the Asus A7V w/ KT133 chipset do much to help its oc'ing ability. I've read, and noticed myself, that its not stable with FSB changes. I can't get much past 107mhz...any BIOS updates help this?

I got my tbird 900 to run at 1.1, but unstable, so toned it back to a stable 1066...maybe a bit more stable fsb and I can get back to 1.1.
I have tried 1004D, 1005C and 1006, but none of them seams to do any help when it comes to overclocking. But there is a can big differ in memory, from bios to bios. The 1006 works best for me.
This is a well known and documented problem with all of the first generation Socket A motherboards with the KT133 chipset. The average FSB maximum is in the 107 to 110MHz range. The revised chipset "KT133A", addressed these problems and reports of FSB's in the 150MHz range have been reported. I've gotten to 140MHz myself on an ASUS A7V133. I may need to make the voltage mod if I would like to go higher.

I haven't heard of any BIOS update fixing this problem.