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KT133 or KT133A

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Assassin Lord

New Member
Jan 9, 2001
I plan to buy a new motherboard within the next few days, and the consensus around here seems to be leaning toward the Abit KT7 or the Asus A7V. I've read that I should get a board with the KT133A chipset as opposed to the KT133. The A7V is a KT133 board, but the Abit is a KT133A... does this mean that I should probably get the Abit? And if so, would it be a problem to get the RAID version, even if I don't plan to utilize its RAID capabilities anytime soon? I plan to put a lower speed Thunderbird in whichever board I buy.

Also, does anyone have any experience with the Tyan Trinity KT board? I'm a pretty big fan of Tyan's Intel boards, but I haven't heard much about the Trinity KT.
Thats cool. Get the KT133A. May be a lil mo but I Think its worth it. Gettin that FSB up to 140+ is an overall sytem increase.
Careful, you want the KT133A chipset, but not all KT7s have it, the models i know of with KT133As are:
A7V-133 (ASUS)
KT7A and KT7A Raid (ABIT)
so yes asus does make a KT133A board, the a7v-133, i dont think its out quite yet, but it should be out any day