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kt133 vs kt133a M.B. what's the difference??

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Feb 18, 2001
Is it all in the northbridge chip VT8363 vs. VT836A?? 200 vs. 266 fsb ? so if i change the chip , does my 133 become a 133a ?? Is the MSI k7t pro2a, a 133 or a 133a board ?
The difference is the FSB. In the KT133 you run a standard 100mhz FSB, (x2 = 200mhz rising and falling clock cycles), these can normally only be overclocked to around 110mhz but you may be able to get higher. The KT133A is a standard 133mhz FSB, (x2 = 266mhz), which overclocks much better. I have seen people in the 160mhz's range. As far as changing the NorthBridge chip, I do not think you can do that although I have not looked at a MSI board. If you could I think someone would have said something by now. Let us know though.