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KT3 Ultra2 won't boot

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Jul 18, 2001
Moscow, ID
My system is listed below. I bought a new stick of RAM to see if that may have been the problem. My system sat all summer bcause of a slight mishap. I bought this new motherboard this summer, so I sent it back and it did the same thing so I decided it was something else. I didn't bother working on it till now. Anyways....If I put just the new stick RAM, the video card, and hook-up the ATX power connector, the case power switch, heat sink with fan and sensor, and the MSI diagnostic light, it immediately show the IDE initializing code, no other codes ever show up. My video card is good, tryed it on a friends computer. The fan spins normally. Anybody have any suggestions? Haven't swapped out the power supply yet, I can't do it till tomorrow.
It sounds as though you might have a bad CPU. If it were memory or the power supply, I'd think you'd get as far as the POST screen before it stopped. Have another CPU you can try?
A couple, but at last notice they both worked. I have swapped them out before but with the same results. I'll find out later tonight hopefully.
After today I have it narrowed down to the mb. I have no idea what the problem is though. No matter what I do I get the same error code.
I don't get into bios. I turn it on and it power all the drives and everything, but other than that nothing happens. The diagnostic lights says it is initialzing the IDE drives.
If you haven't tried this, disconnect everything but the floppy, and try to boot from that, just to see if it will work.
What do you mean you don't get into bios?
If nothing on screen check video cable, power to monitor ,
Hit the delete key on bootup to get to Bios (no offence),
and change to default settings...
I turn it on, and the diagnostic light the come with the MSI motherboards immediately goes to code for "initializing the IDE drives." Nothing comes on to the screen. The CD-ROM spins up, all the fans spin. But beyond that nothing else happens. The video card works, because I have tried it on another system.
check your Manual for proper D-bracket connection,
swap your ram sticks,and use one at a time,
Did you set your Bios to default?
If nothing else works, clear CMOS jumper (check your manual)
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Are all 4 diagnostic led's on green, check your monitor ,
turn up the brightness (no Offense again)
I have clear the cmos several times. I have taken it out of the case and tried it there, to make sure it wasn't a grounding issue. I am using only one stick of RAM right now, and it brand new. The lights that show up are 1, 2 red, and 3,4 green.
If you are using a single hard drive and are using the ata66/100 cable (80 wire) make sure the drive is master and it's on the end of the cable. Check fittings to drive and motherboard. Do like repo said and boot from floppy (bypassing the hard drive). That was the best suggestion you had.
I do not get a boot screen. I have been trying to boot up with nothing connected. The diagnostic code doesn't flash any other codes. It just goes straight the "initializing the IDE drives."
Make sure Bios is recognising your Hard drive and it's set to, master/ primary controller..
Are you getting any beep errors?
Try a different ATA cable..
No beep codes. I'm not even hooking up the drives at this point because it shouldn't matter.
*try different psu (350W or better)
*be sure power connector, connected mobo
*try different ram & cpu
*if nothin' works, RMA it as soon as possible...
I'm fighting this EXACT same problem with my computer right now too...

I'm able to get it booted after a couple attempts after clearing cmos.

Running my 2100+ at 133fsb gets me a nice old reboot when playing ut2k3, or taxing the system by other means.

I've tried different memory, PSU, vid card, hard drives, disconnecting all but the essentials to see if it was a power problem, I've narrowed it down to the mobo as well..

If you check out the "official" msi forums, you'll see MANY people with this problem, and most moderators there aren't very helpful, I see the same help being given in every topic, they are the first things you should do of course, but the problem is widespread apparently, seems as if MSI put out a bad batch or something, and should identify the problem and give help instead of giving the run around.

I'm calling up Newegg on Saturday and seeing about an RMA, or a straight up refund and getting a different board.

I'm able to run the system perfectly fine at 100fsb, so my 2100+ is now a 1500+, so torturous!:eek: