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KT400 Dragon Ultra Plat.

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Jul 13, 2001
Well, my old EPoX board died the other day, been looking at reviews franticly for a few days now. I have seen some good reviews on the KT400 Drag Ultra, but want to get your opinions first. How is it stability wise, overclocking etc? I will have two hard drives funtioning normally one the raid, and all the rest is normal, burner, dvd, radeon 9800 pro etc etc. May upgrade to an XP 2700+ from my tbird 1.4



Dec 13, 2003
Avoid it. Shoot for an NForce2 board instead. I own a Soyo kt333 Ultra Platinum and a kt400 Ultra Platinum. Last year I sent the kt333 back to Soyo for rma since it couldn't clock an AMD 2100 XP cpu (worked fine on a 2000 XP). It cost me shipping (one-way) and $15 to expedite troubleshooting. The board I got back still couldn't run with a 2100 XP cpu. That told me that they don't understand their product. Since I was already out the $15+shipping I just chalked it up as a lesson learned.

But while the kt333 was out, I backfilled with a kt400 ultra platinum. The kt400 has worked OK for with both Barton 2500 and 2600 cpu's. But you cannot really get any significant overclocks out of the board. For a year I've run 512M of Corsair XMS3200C2 with no problem on this board. But I am having a problem getting error free operation from 1gb of new Kingston HyperX 3200.

Now, the nforce2 boards have their own headaches with chipset drivers and such, but they do offer you greater overclocking capability for the price. During the last year I built an Epox-based nforce2 system for my son and it flew. It has an AMD 2000XP cpu with an NVidia GF3 Ti200 video card and it was much faster than my kt400 system with a 2100xp and GF4 4200 video card. That observation alone sold me on the nforce2 motherboards.

- Wisdom


Oct 6, 2002
Lost in life
I had the KT33 version when it first came out and I think it was probably the most stable, problem free board I have ever owned.

That being said, avoid it if you want to overclock and get some serious fsb speeds. Lack of a divider really kills this board. But to be fair, I had my old AGOIA1600+ running at 1.925ghz. bad thing is I couldnt get it stable past 147mhz on the fsb. for the price they cost, your better off getting a NF2 board. Much better off.


Dec 9, 2003
uppa vest side
I have not had one prob with my Ultra 400 ( black edition;) )
I got it about 6 months ago, replacing a senial asus.
It has the capability for good ( read decent ) oc ing.
And after a few mobo driver upgrades, I was outclocking an msi nforce2 with a faster processor.
But that might have been the memory.
I would strongly suggest corsair cmx512-pc3200.
just my 2 cents.


Dec 29, 2002
ive got my xp2100 tbred at 2.25ghz..i dont see why people are saying they dont o/c good..ive heard that some of the nforce2 boards do better but im happy with my soyo..its been rock solid for over a year at 166x13.5 at 1.725v..


Jul 8, 2003
do not get 3200 ram with this board as it will NOT be able to hit 200 (400) fsb, especially if your system uses a menial piece of hardware called a harddrive. get corsair 2700 ram or something and just clock the crap out of it, will save you money unless you find a better deal on the 3200

lol just saw this post was from november