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KT400 PCI Diviser

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Oct 26, 2002
Hello, can anyone point whats the pci diviser on the KT400 chipset. Im have not been able to go more than 140 FSB. Also when i unlock my cpu, the multiplier options are veyr wierd. If i set it to x12 with 133 FSB ( xp 1800+ ) it will give xp1900+. If i set it to x12.5/13 it will give me xp 2000+ but wont boot. The i tried x14 it will give me 500Mhz, the testing the lower ones at x6, wont boot?

Im using watercooling from sysfx.net and my temps are 37C idle, 44C load.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!
Thanks. Is the diviser a option on the bios?. I'm unable to find it.
I have a MSI KT4 Ultra, what vcore should i put to OC, i know i have to trie but i dont know where to star.

Thanks again
It all depends on the CPU you have and the cooling u are using. I see you have good cooling so I would up the vcore to 1.85. the XP1800+s aren't very good OCers... but around 1700MHz can be achieved
well i have no divider option in my bios :( i can find it anywhere im on an a7v8x.... whish i had it....
Whats the top on the FSB using DDR 2100? Whats would you say is the best XP to OC, because i can change mine