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KT7 12.5x100 really = 12.5x104, any fix?

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New Member
Mar 20, 2001
I've got a 1.2ghz tbird in a KT7 raid, set the bios to 12.5 x 100 and it displays as 1300mhz (12.5 x 104) on boot, and locks up. I want to try 1250mhz as 12.5 x 100, but it keeps changing it. I upgraded to the WZ bios to no avail. If i try 12.5 x 101mhz it turns into 1325mhz. wtf.
Check to see if your chip is locked or not. If it isn't you need to unlock it then try it one notch at a time. I found it seems to work better that way.
I just got a new 1.2 AVIA Chip too and the same thing on my KT7 12X100=1200 all ok 12.5X100 boot as 12.5X104=1300 --I HAVE NO CLUE ----LUCKILY IT RUNS AT 1300 OK all testing programs show these speeds so something is going on.....???????????????
it's unlocked.

donnie (Mar 20, 2001 10:54 p.m.):
Check to see if your chip is locked or not. If it isn't you need to unlock it then try it one notch at a time. I found it seems to work better that way.
try to keep this at top....
I'd Really like to find an answer.
could we try to find out about this?....
I've seen other posts at other forums also...
would like an alternative to 1200 or 1300MHZ ...
1300 gets to about 46oC and would like to get 1250 to try...
Also if it's doing this what else is going on.....
is it processor or Abit KT7 problem????????????????
edraven Would you post an e-mail to ABIT Tech on this also? I just did to see if they have an answer..I am requesting this everywhere I find a post on this matter..Maybe a number of E-mails will get a quicker reply from them.........TIA james
edraven.......I just upped to beta YP01 BIOS and I now get 1300Mhz (100X13) on post ....still don't have a clue... anyone else with these problems? hard to believe we are the only two? or maybe the only two with 1.2G CPU's here. I've see posts about this on other boards too but no answers.
Nope, i got the same prob.12.5x100 really = 12.5x104!! But i just left it, upped the voltage and kicked up the cpu fsb by 4 and its running stable at 1352!! Try upping your voltage and if it's stable roll with it.
I read that it does that to accept the new 1.3 GHZ Athlons. Kinda like the older socket 7 boards will recognize 2X as 6X for the K6-X+ series of procs. Because there is no 13 mult i guess it just does that instead.
where did you read that i have been searching all over for information
My 1.2G is now posting 1300Mhz (100X13) but sandra2001 shows FSB at 104 with PCI and AGP up too this is with YP Bios with WW, WZ, YH it showed 1300Mhz (104X12.5)
Are you certain that it's 104 - that may be a variation in the clock (even though 4% is a lot) rather then a bios issue. I would suspect though, that if it shows 1300 that the multiplier is in fact 13 and not 12.5.

It's 104. I spent quit a bit of time with Abit's techs regarding this problem today. Since their boards will run the chips at the stock speed, the problem does not exist in their world.
Thought I was going crazy. Just picked up AXIA 1gig "C"-bird to install on MSI k7tpro-2a. Overclocking going normally up to 12 multiplier 12x104=1248. At 12.5x104 it posts at 1350, 12.5x100=1300. Sandra and wcpuid show 1350 at 12.5x108 - 4mhz over what is set in bios. But I don't think it's really running at 108 fsb because it won't even post at 12x107. Looks like same problem, different mobo. Go figure.
ok my problem is the same but a little differnt

i with the WZ bios i had no probelems but with this new one when i set it to 12.5/100 it boots as 13.0x 96mhz 1248mhz

wierd !!!!!!