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KT7-R FSB help

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Dank VW

New Member
Jan 8, 2001
I cannot o/c my fsp at all w/o it messing up. At 102-110 everything is fine except in games. Certain charcters have lines coming off of them in all directions. Seperately I have had my mem at 150MHz, so I dont think that is a prob. Could I just have parts that arent going to go any faster or can I change some BIOS settings(I have tried a lot already)? Any help would be appreciated.

Athlon 1GHz
256 CAS2
Geforce2 MX
Off the top of my head, try setting your memory to “CAS 3”. You may want to slow down the memory speed from “Turbo” to “8-10 ns”. Also disable memory “fast read write”.

i had the same prob above 103 untill i set it to cas 3 and then i could max all out and run at 110.
Ihave tried turning the mem all the way down. I noticed also that all tests at 110 were faster except the 2d windows video(wintune) was 106 at 100 fsb and only 80 at 110. Quake was also 5 fps slower when it was o/c. It never crashes at this setting either, just graphics are messed. Can I turn up the voltage on something? That kinda seems like the prob. Changing to CAS2 did help a win booting prob I was having tho.
If no one else can help, I think I'm gonna have to start looking for a pencil around here.
You can raise the VI/O going to the pci cards, to help with higher fsb speeds - just put the 3.3V up to 3.35 or 3.4V, and see if that helps (you can go as high as 3.55 without fear, as that's what asus uses as the default on the A7V, so it must be safe :) ).