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KT7 Raid CPU + Mhz setting

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New Member
Dec 17, 2000
in the bios im sure you are aware that there is an option to increase cpu fsb independantly of pci, although this is not technically true, by doing this do i increase the speed at which the ram runs at?

Another question is would i get any extra speed if the ram isnt effected by running 9.5x105 say to get about a gig over running 10x100 off my duron 800 as i thought the cache runs at full speed and therefore wouldnt be effected anyway
hmmm, never thought of it like that... ;-) i think what that option does is allow finer tuning of the fsb. it will still affect the pci speeds, and it will still make the ram run faster.

for your other question, i think it would be faster at 9.5*105, because when you oc the fsb, then everything gets a little faster, which is good ;-) just make sure you have ram that is fast enough to take it, (pc133 if possible, or good pc100),

just play around with it and do some benchmarks, that should help you tune it till it purrs,

good luck!