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Kt7 Raid Motherboard with a 1.1 ThunderBird HELP!!!!

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Jan 11, 2001
I have ben doing this stuff for years and I am confused well I guess no one is perfect,
I would love somone to give me proper settings for the KT7 Raid Bios setting, I am not looking to overclock because I just got this thing and I am trying to figure it out, the motherboard specs say it will run at 200 fsb but it dont look that way to me, this board dont even apear to clock to 1.1 only 1gig, Does anyone know the settings to get this thing to run at 1.1 at 200fsb please ???
It doesn't run at an actual 200MHz fsb, but a DDR 100MHz fsb - 'dual-pumped' (the new P4 has a quad-pumped bus I think). That's why you'll only see 100MHz in the bios. To use a 1.1gig processor, set cpu speed to 'user define' rather than one of the presets (which only go to a gig). Then you should be able to set the multiplier up to 12.5 - though if you want to set it to anything other than 11 you will need to unlock the cpu with the 'pencil trick' - see http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/00q3/000711/index.html and http://www.athlonoc.com/unlocking.htm for guides on how to do it.