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KT7A advice needed

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Arctic Silver Senior
Dec 19, 2000
I'm about to start my upgrade from Intel to AMD :) I have the Abit KT7A, T'Bird 1.2 266MHz, 3x128 PC133 crucial memory (384MB) 300 watt AMD approved PSU, Windows ME, Cards are...

Voodoo 5500 AGP.

SoundBlaster live full retail ( the original PCI SBlive with daughter board and gold connectors, the daughter board doesent need to plugged into a PCI/ISA slot )

Adaptec AHA 2940 AU SCSI controller (PCI) for my Plextor 32x CDrom drive.

Diamond Supra 56k (ISA) modem.

I'd like to know if there is best slot for the above PCI cards to go in ( I hear the KT7A doesn't like SBlive sometimes?)

HD is a IBM udma 100 7200 rpm 30 gig, and I will shortly be buying another identical drive for RAID, also have a udma 33 WD 10 gig as a back up device.

Cooler is just a stock device for now, but I plan to get a good cooler before attempting to overclock...any advice for this?

Last but not least, what are the settings I should use for a 1.2? FSB Voltage etc?

Thanks for any help and re-assurance in my new project.

Run it "stock" for a while before you void the warrantee, check it out while you can still send it back.

The default fsb is 100 you should set this to 133 and the multiplier to 9.
9 * 133 = 1200 approximately.
Leave the rest on "Auto" until you have read the manual, know what the settings do and are ready to OC.
Good luck.
im with ridenow READ your manual TWICE BTW youll love raid, my sandra score is aproximately 22000 with read scores of 159 mps fast fast fast
If you run it at 100 FSB and it shows 900, change the FSB to 133. Default core voltage is 1.75 in BIOS (SoftMenu3), 1.81/1.82 in reality.
It should run stock @1.65v, I think. No harm in trying, I guess. If it doesn't post, just clear the CMOS and boot again.