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KT7A and my 1.4 AMD

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New Member
Jun 13, 2001
Hellos all,
I am building a system...... and as far as cooling the CPU goes..... i could spend months reading thru all the articles and reviews for different types of cooling..... water....pelt...then there are the millions of HSF's out there.

I been looking and noticed that one HSF has been getting much glory..... that swiftech one that weighs like 500+ grams with the 53cfm sanyo fan... i 4get the model. But is something like that safe to have on my motherboard ?..... i mean i am worried the shear weight of it would tear the socket and cpu right off the motherboard as soon as i stand my tower upright...... and it shatters AMD's recommeded weight lim

If you guys could give me some models of HSF that have been proven to work well with my setup i would appreciate it much. my price range is anything under 100$. ........ noise levels of fans dont matter.
As long as your mothrboard (what kind?) has the four mounting holes around the CPU socket, you can use the Swiftech MC-462A. I recommend getting it with the Delta fan, not the Sanyo Denki fan. You can always turn down the speed on the Delta fan if the noise level bothers you. The static, de-spiraling vanes on it make it work much better than the Sanyo Denki.

AMD's weight spec is for a HSF mounted on the sockets tabs. The Swiftech bolts to the motherboard and is very safe even for systems that get transported a lot.
thanks for the info guys........ (i have a Abit KT7a).

Now..... could any of you recommend a good place to buy that swiftech HSF online? (one where it lets u choose fan options..... so i can take ur advice on the delta)
I have talked with some of the more popular resellers and many of them, who sell both versions of the MC-462, get an occasional return. Most often it is because it does not fit, or the customers mobo does not have the holes for mounting. These are otherwise, like new units, but they can't be sold as new.
What you do is contact these resellers and put in a standing order for a returned unit, with the Delta fan. That is how I got my second one for less than $50.00!