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KT7A - Busted temperature sensor ?

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New Member
Feb 3, 2001
The temperature of my Duron 600 never goes above 34 C - even when overclocked to 933 (7x133) with FOP32-1. Also, the difference between idle and loaded CPU temerature is never more than 2 C (I've tried running Sandra CPU benchmark in a loop and also 3D mark 2000 - do these programs load the CPU that much ?).

Is my temperature sesor busted or am I missing something ???

Also can anyone tell me how much temperature difference they have between the system and CPU ??? I use the VIA hardware monitor to get my temperature. Is it reliable ??

I am too scared to load my CPU at 933 MHz just in case the temp. reading is screwed up.

Any comments from the overclocking gurus ?
look in your BIOS.
hit the del key when it's posting, and check PC health.
leave it idle for about 5mins and write down the temps.
exit, boot windoze. run the hardware monitor, and check after 5min idle.
if they are close (or or take +/- 1 or 2c) then it's fine.
mine does that, and it's just casue my Golden orb on my celery

Yes that is a good way to find out if the temperature reading given by the hardware monitor is accurate (turns out it is) - Thanks.

But if the sensor itself is messed up or not in contact with the CPU properly then both the BIOS and Via hardware monitor will give the same readings - the actual temperature may be much higher.

Just want to see if others get similar temperatures.