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KT7A - Northbridges - Do they ALL come with Active cooling?

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Feb 9, 2001
Just wondering if there is any chance I will get a KT7A-Raid and it not have a fan on the northbridge... that would really tick me off :)

I just ordered one, but I noticed the guys I bought from sell almost all OEM stuff.

All the reviews and including Abit site noted that Abit KT7TA series include a chipset fan, plus an extra pci usb controller. If your motherboard don't come in a retail case or with a chipset fan, then you have to question if it is genuine.
I just got mine this week and it had both the fan on the northbridge and the usb
Abit puts fans on both KT7A and KT7 boards. My suggestion is to put a little beter fan and heat sink on it. The fan on mine started making noise after about a month. I had another fan so I replaced it. It works fine now.

KT7A-Raid T-bird1000@1233 Watercooled KT7-Raid T-bird 1000@1144 Aircooled