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SOLVED KT7A-Raid, Creative geforce 2 GTS

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I have got my heart set on a KT7A-Raid board with a 1.2Ghz athlon@266fsb
with a Creative Geforce 2 Gts but have heard loads of comments about using the geforce 2's and the via chipset boards, does anyone have this setup and can state what problems they have had,
Also what problems are there with running @ 266 fsb
Please help as I really want to get these...
getting the same board tommarow, so I'll let ya know how it goes.But for now I have the KT7 and a geforce 2 GTS running fine. had to up the I/O voltage a tad because of how much juice the gts takes, but other than that I have had no problems with the gts with via chipsets. Hope that helps.
i have a ASUS G FORCE2 GTS 64 meg and a Abit KT7A-RAID and i havent had a problem yet

just remember dont use anything in your PCI slot 1 because it shares with the AGP

good luck and let us know how it turns out
Yes it will help, I plan on getting my lot in about a month or so, any comments will be appreciated.
I am ok with tinkering with it to get it to run, as long as it will in the end.
no problem her hercules 3Dprophet GeForce2 GTS +ABIT KT7A-Raid

had this system for 5 days :) and i love it

i read som wher that the are som problem whit the hercules 3Dprophet 2 PRO card´s
Have a KT7A-Raid with Creative GeForce2 64mb AGP card. No problems whatsoever. Excellent (fast) setup!
Also have card overclocked to Ultra speeds (core/mem), and tried higher bus speeds....all work fine. (tired various neds and 4n1's and they seem to work fine)
i got my g force 2 gts 64 meg overclocked to 225/445 running 4X no fastwrites

got a SBLive in slot 4
and my Nic in slot 5

4 and 5 are shared with USE and the RAID controler but i have both disabled because im now not useing either

run 4.28b 4in1's and i have NO problems so its just getting the IRQs and the right drivers

also run 6.50 NVidia Ref. drivers
Thanks for the info,
So now theres no stopping me....
Land of the living here I come,
Currently got a water cooled K3 so it'll be a nice upgrade,