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KT7a-RAID OS Setup help

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Jan 7, 2001
I have returned. Got a few questions about my new system (as you may have gathered, based on the Abit KT7a-RAID) - and am installing 2x IBM Deskstars for a RAID, now from what I have read (ArsTechnica forums) - you can't use that RAID in Linux - so I'm using the 15 Gig Maxtor from my old system (the only thing worth taking) for Linux - I was just making sure that Linux can't use the RAID array - and to run this by everyone for a setup.
Step one: Set up all the BIOS stuff, and format/install the RAID array, boot off floppy.
Step two: Install Windows 98SE to the RAID array, once completed - copy the contents of the 15 giger to the Raid-array
Step three: fdisk delete the 15 gig drive, then go to my SlackWare Linux disk and fdisk it. Install Linux and then LILO to the MBR, change BIOS to boot off the 15 gig now and have LILO setup to boot into SlackWare or Windows 98SE on the RAID.
Sound roughly correct? Any problems? Or is it possible to put Linux on my RAID array?

Thanks in advance,
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anyone need me to join a SETI@home team to ruin their average speed? ^_^
I know the iwill kk266r supports redhat linux with it's raid driver. It uses an Ami chip with hyperdisk software. If your motherboard doesen't support linux maybe you should buy an add-on card that does.
Linux does not support the hardware raid on the kt7 I tried it. It looks like the setup you have is the way to go.
Shep (Mar 17, 2001 01:17 a.m.):
Linux does not support the hardware raid on the kt7 I tried it. It looks like the setup you have is the way to go.
*cough* - yeah... Another Addon card. sure. ;)
Anyway - not an option, already have my 6 PCIs taken up and am trying to keep the modem out of the system as long as I can to stop sharing IRQs, and the DVD decoder too - I'll settle for software, should keep my IRQs straight. SCSI, Sound, Ethernet, and TV-decoder in addition to the modem and DVD Decoder -- that's all the slots on the KT7a.
all well,