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Mar 19, 2001
Dallas, TX.
First off, I am relatively new to the forum, so thanks in advance for any responses. I have a few questions.

1) With the FSB @ 133 starting out, which is the best way to overclock? Should I use the CPU fsb plus? or the multiplier? or the CPU fsb/PCI clock?

2) I've adjusted the "Fast CPU Command Decode", "CPU Drive strength", Enhance chip Performance', 'force 4-way Interleaf", and Enable Dram 4k page mode" and they don't appear to be making any impact. I'm basing that on test results run on Sandra. What should these be set at to get the best performance?

Thats it for know-thanks all! Piece and chicken grease
I would NOT run your memory at CPU+PCI if you're running your CPU at a FSB of 133 (this makes a memory clock of 166). Most RAM is not going to be able to do 166 MHz. The CPU plus MHz setting overclocks the FSB slightly (say in 1 MHz increments). The general consensus here I think is to overclock is to set your multiplier low and find your max FSB and then OC via multiplier from there. Be sure to be watching your temps the whole way too. I dont know too much about memory settings but I do know that enabling 4-way interleaving should increase performance. First though, I would set memory to CAS latency of 2 rather than 3, but all these memory settings, of course, depend on what kind of memory you have and what it's rated to do. Anyway... feel free to ask if you have more questions.

dude, you cant run the ram at pci+hst if your running at 133... i have the board. try upping the multipliera few notches. note what happens... id suggest that you make a table. Then start upping the FSB... MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD HSF... try alpha or the fop's... heat will kill your board and processor, as will **** ram...

Good luck, and check my posts on this topic

Also, turn off the interleave for now, chip performance does nothing according to abit... also turn off 4k page mode... doesnt help that much