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KT7A vs A7V133

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Apr 28, 2001
Kingwood, TX
Welp, after a longstanding battle with the vcore settings within the ASUS A7V133 MOBO, I decided to go with the ABIT KT7A. Now I can reach all those vcore settings that would never have posted on my ASUS. I can even restart the system from Windows ME when overclocked. At first I thought it was the PSU 250W. I put in a 350W ENERMAX and it didn't help at all. Another thing, on the ASUS, I got temp readings at 1.75vcore of about 44C at idle. Now I have 32C at idle on my ABIT and about 35C at full load with same cooling, same setup and everything. I'd have to say that the ASUS A7V133 is not a very good board for overclocking other then using default settings. Sorry, but this is from my personal experience on these 2 boards. I will recommend ABIT's KT7A to anyone wanting to overclock with the most stable MOBO out.
Well I'm sure you'll here both horror and success stories from both camps on this issue.

I might as well get it started;

Although I have no experience with the ABIT boards, I've had very good success with both the ASUS A7V and the A7V133. (why mess with a good thing?) On an A7V I've got a DURON 600 @ 1100MHz (110*10) and on an A7V133, I've got another DURON 600 @ 1130 ( 133*8.5). I can use a higher bus, but I've scored higher in the benches with this combo.

Well, I'll chime in too for what it's worth.
I have been considering the A7V133 in part because I have had good success with my A7V.
Duron700@950(9.5x100) w/FOP32-1
Lately I have seen websites selling the A7V for 20-30 dollars more than the A7V133, micropro.com for one. I think I'll wait for a little while longer, maybe Asus will release the A7V266!!