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KT7A - What is better? Looking for None DDR and cheaper then the KT7A.

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Feb 9, 2001
I have been hearing about these iWill boards... and I see a lot of people with the A7V boards...

I thought that the KT7A was the best? Or maybe that was last week :)

Please let me know,


From what I gather, the differences between the Iwill and the Abit are not great.... basically all I hear is that the essential difference is that the Iwill can push the envelope further in terms of FSB overclocking.... I mean, I have seen/heard of Iwill's going as high as 155-157 MHz FSB, where as the highest I have seen/heard Abit go is 148 MHz or so. But you know what? i'd rather not push FSB that far anyway.... the great thing about the Duron and the Tbird is that we have the option to overclock via multiplier. I think both are good boards.... I am not sure of the price difference, correct me if I am wrong, but the KT7A is a bit less expensive I think. After hearing of all the Asus maladies lately (particularly the A7M266 and the iPanel fiasco), I dont think I'd subject myself to their price gouging. I'm a little jaded, granted, as the KT7A-R is the best mobo I have ever owned.... but anyway. I think both boards are good and you'd be happy with either once this Iwill hype dies... everything is hyped when it first comes out but I think when this settles, you'll see just as many people buying KT7A boards as KK266's.

While building a PC for a buddy, I initially ordered him the Abit non-RAID. When I installed it, it just beeped one long beep and shut down. After about 6 hours of re-seating everything over and over, I finally gave up and returned the stupid thing. I just got in his new AOpen AK73 Pro (A) and installed it last night, and must say, I'm extremely impressed. This thing is everything you'd ever want, and more. FSB speeds up to 166 (haven't tested that since it's not my PC) and voltage modifiers via BIOS rock. I've always been extremely impressed with AOpens motherboards. It shipped with a layout sheet to put on the floor to assist in installation, and an actual full 124 page instruction manual (that you didn't have to read via CD). Multiwave Direct (www.mwave.com) has the AOpen for $130.

Personnaly, I went with a DDR board (Biostar M7MIA). It doesn't have a lot of overclocking features, but the speed of the DDR Ram more than makes up for it.
The Abit you returned Sounds like the cpu fan ws not plugged into the correct header.The header #1 is close to the ram slots and header #2 is close to the cpu.You may have returned a good board lmao.
No, it was on header 1. I researched a lot on the 'net and was happy, thinking I'd found the culprit when I read that. But, nadda. Still didn't work, even on header 1. The board itself was just a P.O.S.
Go for a EPoX 8KTA3 for value, stability and so forth.

I don't know of a cheaper board that has such functionality. The A7V133 and KT7A are great boards, but expensive