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KVM Question/Opinions Wanted

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Feb 27, 2002
Pompano Beach, FL
Has anybody used this, or this type of product? I think it would be great to use multiple computers with just one k/b, mouse and monitor.
Any input on this would be greatly appriciated.
Not that make, but I have a 4 port version. They work great, although the highest res I run is 1024x768 so I don't know about the higher freqs.
Make sure you get one that supports the Resolution you are going to run at on each computer. I had one at work that was linked to Win 2K / Slackware Linux / Mac OS X and there was slight ghosting when we installed the KVM switch. Got one that supported higher resolutions and the only thing that had ghosting was the Mac (partly because it ran through a PC to Mac adaptor to connect to the KVM).

I am using a Linksys 2-port KVM switch on 2 Linux servers and it works perfectly at any resolution I have tried (up to 1280x1024).
I've been using the older style OmniCube 4 port and I've been very happy with it. Sure beats bending down behind your pc's constantly to switch stuff around. :) Belkin is a very reputable manufacturer IMHO.
Well, I keep my res. @1024x768, so I think I'll be ok on that, and I'll be using Windows XP and 98. I have 2 machines now with plans for a third and some parts to build a fourth, so I'll be looking for a four port or larger.
Thanks for the input. I would still like opinions from others too.
Thanks again. :)
yea I love mine, I just hit scroll lock twice and then 1,2,3or 4 and it switches me to computer 1,2, 3 or 4, its great and tucked away.

make sure that u consider cable cost into your price cause most dont come with them , and get high res cables and go for at least 10 footers and oh yea, get a four port if you can, dont cost much more and worth it
I use an OmniView Pro 8 port at work and they are great. Almost as easy to set up as a hub :D Never had a problem with it and it's hooked up to 2 Citrix servers, 2 Unix servers, a Linux box, and 3 2000 servers. Good investment IMO.

Why spend the money and use VNC to basically do the same thing.....? Its free and works great. I can run any computer on my network from my main rig. worth a look before you spend the money because those switches arent exactly cheap.