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kx7 333 temps

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Jun 9, 2002
I just got an rma 4 my old Epox 8k3a+ board wich by the way was a great overclocker with a 2000+ it did 1840 @ stock voltage. But unfortunally they no longer supply this board, so I have 2 pick another model. I was thinking about kx7-333 but I read somthing about that it does not read the internal diode on the XP. Is this a fact. It took me a long time 2 pick out the epox board, but now i have 2 pick another and i dont know which. And I dont really want a kt400 board.
i do know for sure that it does NOT read from on the chip. there is a little blue thermisistor in the middle of the socket that it reads the temps from
thanks 4 ur help. I have made up my mind 2 go 4 the new ASUS a7v8x board.
I have a KX7 which I would buy again in a heartbeat. 1600XP OC to 1860 stock voltage. I've had a number of Abit boards over the years but this is by far the best for OCing.
I'm also writing this reply to see if my sig shows up. Because of this mboard I finally filled out a signature.
I'll have to update my sig. The above value was the first day I had the board. 1860 was the 2nd day. Cheap speed, I love it.
yup, only reads socket temp, heard something about bein able to mod ur board to read the on die temp tho... not sure how, have a look, I think i might
I cant belive someone would pick any other mobo over this abit I have a kx7-333r and love it RickD