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Kyro 2 or Hercules Prophet 2 MX 64MB

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Feb 24, 2001
In the next few days I will have a 150 bucks,(if it doesnt rain) I am going to but either a Kyro 2 or the Hercules Prophet 2 MX 64MB Both from Hercules..now I need an opinion on which one i should get...I am currently on a athlon 550 slot a Because My KT7A went bad....:-(....so while im waiting to RMA it I am stuck with this thing...I have a voodoo3 3000 right now because i traded my friend who doesnt play games with my voodoo 3 2000, and i have this v3 3000 at 174mhz with stock heatsink...So my "?" is which one shoudl I get and are there any other options?
I don't know about Kyro 2 except I looked at benchmarks and stuff...didn't look too god.
But what I do know is, my Hercules 3D Prophet II MX 32 mb is an EXCELLENT card. It has quality ram, with boosted clock frequency, and further overclockability.
It performs over most if not all MXes and is the cheapest MX around here.
Hercules has excellent tech support as well - talked with them a lot lately.
I jsut found this and im not even sure if its possible but....
This was taken from price watch when i saw a 128meg video card for the price below...

Brand Product Description Price Ship Date/HR Dealer/Phone ST Part#
Aopen MX400(V)-128,128MB,AGP4X,TV-OUT,GeForce2 MX400 128MB,AGP4X,TV-Out,GeForce2 MX400 Chipset,Retail Box,1-year manufacturer warranty $ 114 Insured, Start at $6 7/30/2001 9:08:46 AM CT Axion Technologies, LLC
281-575-0007 -- School, Govt & Company P.O.'s accepted
Online Ordering

im looking up the card as we speak

::EDIT:: also found this review of teh Kyro2..looks nice...

also the card wasnt on the Aopen site..they didnt have anything over 64
Thats what I was thinking...I mean as fast or in some cases faster then a GF2 Ultra....*drool*...but i have seen the 3dmark scores for the Kyro 2....but screw benchmarking until DirectX 8.1 comes out....Im getting Kyro 2 this weekend...