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kyro 2 why doesn't it overclock?

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Jan 23, 2001
I have a hercules 4500 64mb card. After reading many reviews I thought it would be a nice cheap replacement for my 7100 and the mx card would go into my 2nd puter. The core on this card is 175 and the mem is 175 as well. The ram is 5ns so shouldn't it do well over 200? Same as the core I had a voodoo 3 that would do 205/205 and that is like a year and a half ago. Did they use cheap products or what? The most I can get out of it is 185/185.
From what I've read...it's a limitation of the earlier cores. I read an article yesterday that said some newer cards from Hercules were getting upwards of 190 I have the same exact card and I was initally not able to get above 181.

However...I uncliped the HSF one afternoon...found a very...very thin layer of white HSF paste and as I looked at the bottom of the Heatsink...there was a tiny white circle around the outside....about 1-2% contact between the core and HSF bottom...no good.

I took off the fan and tried to gently bend out the bottom of the hsf...don't think I did much so I cleaned up the core and put on a good dab of Arctic Siver 2, Re-bent the clip and re-attached.

Following that I'm now hitting 186Mhz 100% stable. If you're inclined and adept enought...it's really very easy. Give it a shot. BTW...are you having any luck w/ anything other than the 7.89 drivers??? Good Luck
ok I'll take off that crappy blue fan and mabey put some thermal paste or even switch it with another fan. I have a peltier how many watts should it be to cool a core on a vid card? I didn't think heat was that big of deal, it didn't seem too hot and if you switch it to say like 200mhz it istantly has artifacts or crashes. Now that must be a crappy core cause mx's or voodoo or even ati cards can at least switch they may not be stable at high speeds but they don't crash instantly. This makes me think that they are just overclocked kryro 1 that is basically at the end of the line for speed. (like a 1.13 pentium 3)
I'm using the drivers on the hercules site, not the latest ones though I found the 7.111 I think are the best not the new 7.14's.
Bender (Jul 07, 2001 12:10 p.m.):
I think the core is still made on a .25u process. Try better cooling on you GPU. I'm about to try an aircooled peltier on my Geforce2 ddr. I bet you would be able to go higher if you did the same.

The core is .18micron. The Kyro was .25
I think a 48watt pelt should be good enough. a 48watt pelt should be good enough for a cpu! Remember the cooler you keep the hot side, the cooler the cold side.
Just found this article at X-Bit Labs. Looks as though some of the lack of overclocking of the Kyro II chipset on the Hercules platform..or in general...is due to a lack of voltage...just like CPU's. Following the voltage mode...X-Bit had the Kyro II and memory up to 200MHz...196MHz stable....I'll take 10MHz over the 185 that I'm able to achieve right now!!!

See article here:

As this looks like an easy mod...and I'm a little distraught at my current Kyro II performance...I am seriously considering practicing some soldering and then giving this a shot....I'll keep you posted....anyone else wanna try first???