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kzs5a questions???

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Feb 23, 2002
St.louis area
k7s5a questions???

I have a question for some of you ecs users out there..
and naturally any help you can give I will happily receive :)

1. any probs with mounting a radeon 8500 on the board
( have heard of a prob with those geforce cards hitting one of the ide connectors)

2 any problems running with a radeon card??? (hopefully no probs as the radeon seems like an EXCELLENT value choice right now and I like them alot :) )

3. If you use ddr, how do you stack up against other boards.. (i know this is not an overclockers board but from what I read, its stable so how does it compare to other stock boards)

4. after reading of some of the problems with this board have you read if the quality is improving ? (it just seems that there are/were some conflicts, drivers, etc...)

5. and problems with this board and raid cards?

thanks again all

btw the ecs is on my very short list of possible mb upgrades..
so any help you can spare will be grately appreciated.. :)
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Well I'm not using a radeon but I am VERY happy withmy K7S5A. Works right the first time, everytime. And as far as driers go, no problems there either. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good quick and stable system. I recomend it to all my customers and everyone that takes it never has a complaint. Couple it with a 1Ghz Morgan Duron and you have one hell of a PC for less thanthe cost of most motherboards.

My 2 cents anyway.
just got a system setup and watercooled with an ecsk7s5a. i havn't been able to o/c any, cpufsb freezes the comp even when trying to set the default fsb... no problems with my 8500 but i did have a problem with the system freezing up. switching my ddr to slot 2 fixed that. the board seems rock solid and very fast.
i'd already recoment it to someone else and i've only been using it a couple of days......