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L1's connected on AXIA, Asus A7v133 can't change multiplier!!!!

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May 7, 2001
Montreal, Canada
Ok, i finally took the plunge and connected my L1's with some conductive paint from the defoggers kit. It worked really well and they were easy to connect and keep seperate from each other. I'm like 99% sure they are well connected. T-Bird 1 ghz@266 and my asus a7v133 mobo running win2k.
So i boot up and make sure its ok, it runs fine and i get into windows...
Reboot, go into bios and try 8x multi in jumper free mode. I have never updated this bios, its v.1.001c i think. I notice in the "notes" column it says that the cpu multiplier settings will only work for 1.04 motherboards and later.. WTF does this mean, do u need an updated bios to use the multiplier function on the a7v133's?
Well i exit and save changes and the cpu boots at 1000 mhz.. i wait until i get into windows and check the multi on sisoft sandra, it lists it as 7.5! So i reboot, go into bios and the multi says 8.5!!! Im like wtf, so i exit leaving it as 8.5 and reboot. Computer boots at 1000 mhz again, so i go right back into bios and it says 7.5 again! I finish a boot into windows then shut down. I boot, go into bios and try 9x, this is when my cpu refused to boot... Eventually i cleared the cmos and booted up at teh default 750 mhz and now im back to square one. I simply wanna be able to change the multi's :)

Before i try anything else im wondering if there's some simple thing im missing.. I left the voltage settings on auto.. Any ideas would be appreciated before i give this AXIA another go.
I replied in your other thread w/ the same topic in AMD CPU's, but I'll reply here as well.

You have to make sure that the DIPs on the board are set to JumperFree Mode before you can change your multiplier in the BIOS. Check the mobo manual on how to do this. Good luck!
I have A7v133 with the original bios (1001c) and i can change multipliers at will with my Duron!! You might want to double check your unlocking job.I used the conductive pen and i had to reapply it because it didn't give me all the multiplier options but after reapplying all was good.