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Lagging from opening Winamp + Outlook = not enough memory?

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Sep 6, 2001
Irvine, CA
I'm using my secondary rig for my music.
It have 256mb SD w/ 1.3Ghz Celeron - not o/c'ed

WinXP Home
COX 3M Cable

600+ MP3s.
2 email accounts in Outlook.

Here's the scenerio:
Turn on PC.
Finished loading WinXP.
Click on Winamp 2.81 icon.
Click on OutlookXP icon.
Wait for a long time....(~15sec?)
Finished loading Outlook and Winamp.

Memory is the problem right? I'd defrag'ed my HDD already.

Couple of months before, this was not happening...memory getting defective? (stupid PNY RAM...)
could be the ram...have you already gone throught tweak guides on tweaktown.com for windows xp....might speed you up some.. did for me...windowsxp is a big mofo so i thought maybe
:) No, sir. But I did applied other tweaks. eg. tweakXP the program and regedit tweaks from pcstats.

They are helpful and are noticable.:) Windows loading time is shortened by ~5sec? But not enough...:( Large lag is still there during winamp and outlook...

Anyway, I think I'll get more RAM next time my family goes out near Fry's superstore. It's sad that there are no computer store I know that is near my area... 15min drive to the nearest Fry's.

btw, thanks for the link.

ps. I only know CompUSA, Micro Center and Fry's that is a store that sells computer stuff in US. ^_^' =P Friends in school here in Irvine, don't know much about PC...They *seemed* to know alot about cars though...Probably I know very little about them...=P

*sigh* missed the good old days back in HK...
I'd throw some extra RAM into that puppy myself....
I didnt like XP with 256MB, 512 speed things up alot
(and you can load the kernal into RAM with 512MB speeding it up more)

i might have said it was your HDD, but as you have a Barracuda in that rig (SCSI right?) a slow HDD shouldnt be a problem.

But it could be your HDD IF you set winamp to index all your MP3's on load, as it needs to read every MP3 in your playlist...
Try puting 1 song in your playlist and see if the problem goes away