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lap that gpu!!!!

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Oct 5, 2002
duluth ga
as you know that when you o/c video card there are little thing you can do about memory(just prey to get good and lucky memory or latest ver memory),or you can hardwire videocard to increase v for memory directly(that is way too much for me)
i am not sure that increase vagp help or not(actually i doubt it.it doesn't work on mine)
increase vagp from 1.5 to 1.8 makes no different.
but there is somthing you can do about gpu.
you can lap that gpu.

as lots people know that gpu is not flat.
just open your gpu heatsink clean thermal paste.
than put thermnal paste on gpu only.put heatsink back and pull it out.
than look it for yourself that how much thermal paster is on your heatsink.
that is easy way to tell how your gpu is flat.

anyway i lap gpu with old p3 stock heat sink(socket 370).
it is small enough to lap gpu.
i lap heatsink frist to make sure it is flap.
than cut snadpaper small and put it around p3 heatsink.
make sure you put some tape(i use shurtape) around gpu so it can protect memory chip and etc from sandpaper.
than lap that gpu turn 45degree every1 min or so.
you will notice difference after lapping.

but becareful that if you lap too much you will destroy the gpu(it happened to me once).

i got msi gf4-ti4200 i can get 300/605 to 320/605 after lapping.
actually it doesn't make that huge difference but it is all about getting most juice out of it from what you got.