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Lappin a Heatsink

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Dec 23, 2000
You can lap a heatsink, right?

If so, where can i find info on how to do it, all I could find was info on lapping a Celeron...
Real Easy...
[#]Go to home depot or any other hardware store
[#]Go to the sand paper aisle.
[#]Go to home depot or any other hardware store.
[#]Get 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1600, and some fine automotive finish paper or cloth(Mine was 7000 grit, was amazing)
[#]Remove fan, clip, and any other obstructions so its just you, the sandpaper and the metal heatsink
[#]Place the sandpaper on something flat like a mirror or use a handblock to sand the HS, i prefer the mirror as thats for SURE flat.
[#]Either wet the paper a bit or go dry, if you go dry get some sort of mask to prevent inhalation. Microscopic metal shavings are bad for the lungs, m'kay.
[#]Work each grit starting at the lowest number until you feel the HS glide over the paper without "Catching" anywhere, also inspect the bottom of the sink to make sure its of a uniform roughness. Sand in a figure 8 formation.
[#]Rotate the HS every 50 strokes or so. Make sure to apply even pressure on the heatsink as to not round the edges, a little rounding is ok but try to avoid it as much as possible. Spend at least 15-30 min on each grit or until it looks good. Im a perfectionist, shoot me
[#]Once you get to the 1000+ grits use water, as this is the "purty shiny mirror stage(s)"
[#]Wash the HS off with water and let it dry overnight.
[#]Before reassembling the heatsink to the cpu swab over the bottom of the HS with ispropyl alcohol to remove any excess residue.
[#]Reapply thermal compound.
[#]Watch the degrees drop from the thermal sensor
[#]Get Icy-Hottm for your arm.

Uhh, yeah i think thats all.
For more information and a few helpful guides, here ya go. Courtesy of F1 from athlonoc.com
Lapping Guide #1
Lapping Guide #2
And I will add do your final polish with Artic Silver as the lube instead of water. Your temps will drop.