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Lapping A PAL (Keep it clean!)

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New Member
Mar 17, 2001
I am running a 900 T-Bird with a PAL 6035 and Delta fan. I have seen many posts on the benefits of lapping a heat sink, but none have mentioned lapping the PAL 6035. Has anybody out there tried this, and if so, with what results?
I don't own a PAL, but from the pictures I've seen of them, the finish looks pretty good already. I realize pictures are no substitute for close examination. The only concern I would have for the process would be if the copper and aluminum on the baseplate are at the same height. When you sand them, they will efface at different rates, since they are not the same hardness.

it has a good finish already. maybe just buff it with toothpaste.
Colin had a good point in another post, use Arctic as your buffing material, whatever you buff with will get into the little grooves, and artic silver is much to have in there than toothpaste!