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Lapping a PEP66

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Jan 12, 2001
I just got my new PEP66 in the mail (yay!), and noticed that the plate on this thing is already pretty darn smooth. Lapping my Gorb made a believer out of me, but I'm also aware that finishing is a progressive process, and starting with too coarse of a grit will only scratch the existing finish.

I'm sure a bunch of you have done this, so what's an appropriate starting point to lap an Alpha? Wet 1500? Jeweler's rouge? toothpaste and construction paper? Or just leave the thing the hell alone?

Comments, suggestions, warnings and any other input are welcome.
Good question. I can't recall anyone talking about lapping the Alpha stuff. I think the consensus was that they were made well enough it wasn't necessary. All of mine have had a bright finish, and looked pretty square against a straight edge.
Hmm. Thanks for the thoughts, gentlemen.

So, basically 2 votes for leaving well enough alone.

I wonder if copper cleaner would do any good, allowing that some of it's effectiveness is cosmetic (tarnish removal), but may have some gentle polishing qualities as well. It would certainly be a conservative option, and any residue could be removed with alcohol before greasing and installing.
I lapped it with wet 1500. In my opinion, it made it much smother and reflective. It also cleaned it a little. I have the Alpha 6035 though, same thing when it comes to lapping.
i got good results with 1200 grit sandpaper and lots of silver polish cream, looks like a damn mirror! hehe
dont overdo it tho'

hey pineapple wot kind of temps are u getting with that 55W TEC? i was thinking of trying it with my setup.. thanks for any info!

cusl2-c, p3 750@1005, pep66