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Lapping a Volcano II?

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Dec 18, 2000
Vancouver, Canada
Allrighty... i started lapping it, and it turns out that there is a dip in the middle. Is it possible to lap it too far so that the clip wouldn't work? Also, what grit should I be using on this thing?
if theres a dip in it and if you lapp it down your clip will fit the same because your taking the edges off that are not touching the proccesor when you get to the bottom your done as long as you lapp it until its flat your fine I would not ever try and bend the clip so that you get more tension as this is a good way to crush a chip but mainly you could break off the nylon or plastic on the socket that holds the HSF clip on. theres allot of debate on how fine to polish your HSF read some of the post and the article [on front page] from yesterday or the day before some people like 1500 grit smooth [its how i did mine] and other say 600 will work same or better.
perfectly said outhouse........taking off the outside edge will have no effect on the tension of the spring.

Removing that curve will probably gain a lot tho........lap that sukka.

I recently lapped a PIII 500 slot one OEM sink.....it's amazing how lousy these things are designed and how warped they can be. Using the shack stuff I still got a 10c drop in temps.
Does anyone have any comments about the article on the front page about not polishing the heatsink? I don't intend to use any polishing compound, but I do want to finish it off with 1200 grit paper.
Perfect opportunity to test the theory. I assume you know the temps prior to lapping. Lap flat and finish with 600, clean it and put it back on, take temp readings. take it off and polish it with 1200 and put it back on and take temps again.

We are all holding our breath in anticipation. ???