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lapping and sandpaper

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Mar 13, 2002
The Big Easy
I have seen alot of people using 1000 grit plus sand paper for lapping. I have even seen people using 2500 grit. I have never used anything over 600. Not that I disagree with them using it, but I can not find anything higher than 600. Where are y'all getting your paper from? My local Home Depot and Lowes only carry up to 600. Thanks.
I've found up to 1500 at a local true value. I think it just depends on the individual store. A lot of people would say you dont even need more than 600, so I wouldnt worry too much about it.
I use a Maixmum of 1200 just to get a nice finish if they are to be seen.

I think that 800grit is fine, even 600grit is smooth. But better safe than sorry is my motto.

Im not much worried about it, just wondering where I would get some. I do want to try to go a little futher in the grit range on my next one.

I think I am going to get a Swiftech, but anyway, I was just curious where they were finding it.
I went to my local home hardware, and they only had 600 also. I hear that Walmart sometimes has the finer grit sandpaper, but I haven't been to check it out myself.
The highest I found at walmart was 320, or 400. Believe me I have looked alot of places.
I might get yelled at for this but....
I've used 400 on the final lap with some light machine oil and light pressure. It won't make a mirror but you can't feel any roughness and I have taken this finish down to near mirror later on with 800 and water and it made no difference in my temps. just my .02
good luck with it :)

PS...clean off heatsink with alchohol really well!
Walmart! I like target better, but I went to Walmart anyway.

And just a quick tip as the people there aren't that helpfull, its NOT in the Auto section, but in the Home improvement section (or whatever that department is called).

Just look for the place that they have brushes. The highest they have is 1500. They also have these small plastic flat surface things for the sandpaper.

I'm sure a place like Auto Zone would have high grade sandpaper too.
Ive been to my local one in the paint section and all I could find was 320, maybe mine just sucks...
They do have sand paper in the car section I think, but I found the good stuff in the Paint section. Maybe your store does suck.
I think it would be a good idea for online cooling stores to sell some high grit sandpaper.

Of course people who don't know about lapping might think that they have to do it, then wouldn't buy at all.