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Lapping Water Block

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Apr 10, 2001
Now that I've got my BECOOLING water block I'm thinking I should lap it just a tad as I'm a perfectionist. Will 1000 grit wet dry sand paper work? This his my first water cooling project and need any advice on this. I've rinsed the block out, per BECOOLINGs phone instrucions to get the metal flakes out (I posted on this earlier) thanks for the help.

The block has a decent mirror finish on it but tiny hair line scratches are visible. Should I even worry about this? If yes, and 1000 grit wet dry is too much, what do I use?

1000 will probably completely remove the mirror finish. What you really should use (since you're a perfectionist) is 2000. Not much different than using a damp spounge and leaves an almost mirror like finish.

If you missed my post on using Crest toothpaste, it's an EXCELLENT polish to remove those scratches and gives a mirror finish. Use the original formula tho....for some reason the "sensitive teeth" leaves it scratchy.