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Senior Member
Jan 9, 2001
Hamilton, Ontario
so let me get this straight lapping is sanding down of what? and why? i know it improves preformance but i dont understand how and why...im sure theres a simple explanation.......?
If you lap correctly, the surfaces become flatter. The flatter the surface, the closer in contact the two surfaces can be to each other. Closer together means that there is less thermaly inefficent air/thermal compound (compared to Al or Cu) between the two surfaces, thus you get better heat transfer.
Along with lapping the chip, you should make sure you sand/lap the heatsink contact area if it is"anodized" (coated w a color other than bare metal) to make a more efficient transfer of heat. I use 300 and 600 grit wet sanding paper, starting with the 300 and a little bit of water on a piece of glass or other smooth surface till you get a nice smooth surface on the heatsink and/or chip, then finish up with the 600 grit. A little thermal paste between the surfaces and your all set!
i just lapped my standard heatsink, but i wonder if lapping the cpu core (duron700) would be a way to achieve even better cooling....
and i don't really know how far to lap until cpu gets killed...
anyone got some help for me?!? *lol*

thx alot, MeLLe