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laptop build - from scrap parts (hobby)

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New Member
Dec 10, 2009
Hi all,
I have built a number of desktop systems, and now I have 2 laptops i acquired by chance and would like to 'combine build' something out of them.

The 'materials' are a (thai) Compaq Presario 1725AP and a HP NX8220 (yes, different generations, i know)

The 1725AP is in working condition, except for the busted battery.
The NX8220 is not - the graphics card is busted (integrated onto the MB).

So basically I was wondering if I can integrate the motherboard of the 1725 AP into the case of the NX8220 with any hope of success.

I can't find anything about any laptop-built-from-scratch on the web, except for laptops starting from barebones with the MB already included.

(which makes it way too easy and not hobby-esque at all :p )

I'm wondering if it's even possible to build the 1725AP mb into the NX8220 case and use it's battery/screen/external connectors (like USB etc).

I would also be using the RAM, HD, CD-ROM from the NX8220 but not expecting any probs with that.

So, long story short, if anyone can give me any advice on the whole mobo-and-case issue, any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!

(PS if this is not possible i'll just scavenge the NX8220 for it's HD, Ram and CD-rom and plonk them into the 1725 AP, this i already know how to do).


Mar 8, 2004
Try re-flowing graphic card on nx8220, it might work after all.

It would really depend on number of things. One if you fit motherboard from one laptop into chassis of the other. You would have to use original power brick with the new chassis. Plus original battery has to fit in new chasis

Barebones are different from what are you trying to do. Barebones it is a notebook just without cpu, memory, hard drive, sometimes wifi card.


May 23, 2008
London, England
The chance is very close to 0.

People have tried to swap motherboards between very similar laptops, same brand, same generation, looks almost the same from outside, with little success.

Would be a lot easier to just rebuild the battery (get lithium ion cells from ebay, and solder them into the busted battery). If the control circuit is broken, you may have to get a new battery.


New Member
Dec 10, 2009
Meionm, could you tell me what you mean exactly by 'reflowing the graphics card on the NX8220'?

Cyberfish: the battery thing might actually work, since the battery isn't completely dead (it has about 4 minutes of life when fully charged).
I did read on internet that a guy changed the Li-Ion cells, but they cost him 50 bucks, and a new battery was available for 65 bucks, so maybe a futile exercise...

The whole thins is of course more to see it it's at all possible to do it... but as you say, it might be a bit out there...

We'll see :)