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Laptop Cooling

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New Member
May 21, 2003
Please pardon the total n00b1ne55 of this quesiton good people.

I recently got a new hard drive for my Toshiba Satellite 1605CDS laptop computer. The new drive is a IMB Travelstar 40Gb 5400rpm drive, and it is brand new. The drive that I replaced was the original 4Gb drive that the factory put in.

My problem is that since I put in the new drive, the computer will lock up at random intervals. I am quite confaident that this is because the new drive is overheating the current temperature tolerances of the system. Also, the heatsink fan on the CPU (an AMD K6-2 450Mhz) is not always running, as I would think it sould be. So, again, I am pretty sure that ststem is not getting its needed air flow to maintain a good temperature.

My question is, other than CPUCool, is there any other program that I can get that will allow me to alter the fan settings, or even the RPMs of the hard drive to keep the system running cooler. Or, is there even some sort of case mod that I can safely do that will help me out here?


May 6, 2003
Buried in UPS packages
I'm not sure about a program but take a look at CoolerMasters laptop cooler. I think that a couple other companies have them also but this one is aluminum.


May 1, 2003
Sacramento, CA
Yowza, yea, that HD is probably producing quite a bit of heat, perhaps some sort of insulation is possible? I know I own just about the hottest laptop on the planet, like every review says so, but it seems they hid the proc away from that heat pretty well.