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laptop cpu may be toasted... need advice

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Aug 3, 2002
I posted a few weeks ago about my laptop. It locked up, wouldnt start, actually the hd wouldnt even spin up.... Well, i finally got in there and took out the processor. I think it is toasted, but I may be wrong. the laptop is a gateway solo 9100. this laptop I believe was made in 97. I have the processor out, one side of the processor has a metal heat spreader attached to it with pins, and the other side has the core, framed in what looks like plastic. The core is shiny around the very outside, but in the middle, it looks burned, I had to scratch it with a fingernail to read the numbers. (it is an Inte1 233 btw). Am I describing a toasted cpu? Please help me to get this laptop back up and running!
someone told me that it may just be the power supply, but now that I have the thing opened up, I can see that the backside of the power-in connector is just connected directly to the motherboard. Is there a "power supply" that can be replaced in these things? I have the laptop all apart now, so please tell me what I should be checking.