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laptop keeps overheating and shutting down

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May 28, 2004
i have an asus aj8p laptop and it keeps overheating whenever i have my ac adapter in while gaming and it shuts down. if i have the ac adapter disconnected it doesnt turn off while gaming but my games also run horribly. is there any way i can prevent it from overheating and turning off? any software or tweaks you guys know of?
You could always underclock it with RivaTuner...I did that with my POS laptop.
would that lower my temps well? sounds look a good idea

any others?
Well, it would make the card put out less heat...so yes.

Nothing besides modding the laptop itself. You should talk with who made your laptop so they can fix it. That is, unless it is out of warranty.
this might have something to do with it....when i opened ati tool my core speed is at 1573.13 and my memory is 1304.28!!
Sounds like it is reading it wrong. Use the RivaTuner monitoring window to check what it really is. There is no way it could actually run that fast.
its actually a year old =/ and i opened it up no dust in there really. the gpua heatsink gets ridiculously hot is all i know
You could search web if it common with that laptop. You could check asus website for bios updates maybe that was fixed for the fan to kick in at lower temps. Perhaps you got some software on you notebook that has some controls over fans. Possibly bad notebook design.