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laptop screen goes blank

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Nov 15, 2010
Palm Harbor
i have a Dell 1505 which has an issue with the screen going out but the computer is defiantly still functioning so im hoping it can be fixed. it suddenly started having this issue a several months ago where after i turn it on, before it finishes loading BIOS even, the screen would go blank. it was still running as you can hear the windows login and shutdown sounds from speakers. at the time i had no use for it so i would let it sit for weeks and then when i tried it it would keep the screen on till windows loaded and then went blank. but when i restarted it it would again turn off within a second or 2. its been on my desk for almost 4 months waiting for me to look at it and when i finally got around to it i was using it for about an hour but then it started happening again.

google comes up for a million similar issues but they dont seem to be the same issue
Can you see the picture on the screen if you shine a flashlight on it?
Hmm, can't replace the GPU to troubleshoot then... That's my bet though.
If possible, might try connecting to an external display[monitor]. My Macbook had display go out, but will display on an external screen. I use it now just for the 42"LCD TV for when using the elliptical.
i havent tried an external screen yet because i been lazy. the only point of this laptop is to be used as one so if i cant get the built in screen to work, its trash to me. basicly im going to be using the laptop to control the tuner for my truck. thr last laptop i had was stolen out of the truck and i figuered this would be a good replacement. i went ahread and ordered a replacement screen inverter since there like 5$.

i suppose i can do some crazy stuff and build the laptop itself into the truck physically. probably mount it under the seat. put in a single-din video touchscreen. pretty badass
installed the new inverter. for abit i thought it was fixed. somereason i was having difficulties getting windows to load but screen stayed on. then after abit it finally started happening again.got ticked off and put it aside. well its 3am and im wide awake and cant sleep. decided well lets take a look at it again. its been displaying the screen for only about 2 seconds before going blank. something i noticed was it makes a noise that goes away soon as the screen turns off. sounded kinda like bad fan or something so i disassembled it to inspect. because the wires are soo short i honestly cant decide if the noise is coming from the screen or the mobo but if i have the screen disconnected then the noise is gone. well i decided its finally time to find some adapters and an old vga cable to connect it to a monitor. works perfectly on the monitor and no noise. im gonna mess with it more tomarrow its almsot 5am now
looked at it some more this morning. tried swapping the old inverter in and the noise isnt there but the screen stays on only half as long. also i tried looking at the screen with a brighter light and it is actually jsut the backlight is off. jsut have to look at a specific angle. i went ahread and said screw it and ordered a new lcd and another inverter
i ordered a brand new entire upper lid with lcd and inverter. was like 40$ so it cost me same amount as a new lcd, inverter, and lamp would but without screwing with any of if. got it installed little while ago and its working great. the noise is no longer there and it hasent had an issue with shutting off yet. so far im thinking its successful


now i jsut got to figuer out why it wont boot. it crashes when loading safemode but seems to be freezing when doing checkdisk at stage 4 of 5. the harddrive might be bad but im not worried. i jsut ordered a new 256gb SSD for my computer and ill jsut put the old 128gb one in it with a fresh version of XP or Win7 if specs are good enough
got my new Samsung 850 EVO 250gb installed in my desktop and swapped the older OCZ 128gb into the laptop. the old version of XP Media Edition was corrupt and wasnt sure on compatibility to Win7 so i reinstalled a fresh version of XP Media Edition. kinda hard to find some programs which still support XP but its up and running great now.