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Laser effect

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Nov 5, 2016
I am working on a build based on Portal and there a a couple of effects I would like to put in the case but im not sure if its possible.

The first is a red laser beam that the player must reflect in order to get to the next level. Has anyone been able to mount a powerful handheld laser pointer in their case? Or, would it be possible to attain this effect with some kind of fiber optic?

The second is a blue light walkway that players must use to get to different locations. Again I am not even sure this is possible. Maybe a laser light with a certain prism???? or again maybe through fiber optics?

Thanks for any assistance

You won't see the laser beam unless you have particles in the air for the laser to reflect off of. That's why lasers show up in fog, smoke or lots of dust in the air.
Might want to find a cheap small fog machine from ebay or something, or just let the case get real dusty inside lol. Maybe go for the old Aperture Labs look, all old, rusty, dusty and in disrepair.
For mounting, you could gently smash open a cheap dollar store laser and remove the actual laser itself. Basically a resistor and the actual laser diode housed in a brass piece. You could solder a molex plug to it or even a USB lead to it (red and black wires only) and then it would light up. Only feed it 5 volts though, that's plenty bright and it wont overheat.
Anyway, removing it from the actual pointer housing will make it easy to whip up a tiny wood box for it and then stick that somewhere with adhesive or screws even right to the PC case.

That's what I'd do. :)
I look forward to a build log on this Portal theme too! :thup:
Rayleigh scattering ftw.

That said, getting a green laser would probably be more prudent; but I can not recommend this mod for safety reasons. Too many things could go wrong.

Good luck finding a blue laser pointer that wont murder your bank account!
I think I found the solution. There is a company that sells side glow, solid core, fiber optic cable. Heat wrap an HI LED to one end and it glows. I have some coming in. I'll let you know how it looks