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Last Component Help- GPU for ITX Build

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New Member
Mar 4, 2016
Hi, I am just about set on my selection of components for everything but the graphics card. I plan on overclocking the CPU and GPU as much as possible. This will be used for Gaming and VR. Here is what I have set in stone:

Case: Phanteks Evolv ITX
CPU: I7 6700K
MB: Asus Z170I Pro Gaming
CPU Cooler: H100i V2
Storage: Samsung EVO 1 TB SSD
RAM: Corsair Vengence LPX 2x8GB 3000 ram

I need to select a graphics card and have narrowed it down to two choices (both 980tis).

1. EVGA 980ti Hybrid with the fan/Radiator mounted at the back of the case.
2. MSI 980 ti Gaming 6G. I would also add a fan set to exhaust at the back of the case.

I love the look and out of box performance of the MSI card however, I am worried about the thermals. If thermals are no issue, I would probably go this route. Although, I can overclock the EVGA to get the performance on par.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Mr. Clean Senior Member
Jan 12, 2012
Unless you're really going to be pushing the overclock on the setup, I don't feel you should worry about getting the Msi card. Just add a fan to the back of the case so you have an intake and exhaust.