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LCD display software? What options are there?

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Oct 20, 2002
I recently successfully wired in an 8bit LCD display to my parallel port. Looks extremely cool! I'm pretty impressed :D

My question is: I've only found 2 pieces of software- Smartie LCD and jaLCD. Smartie is easy to use but boring. jaLCD is more flashy (nice) but harder to use and understand- I guess because its a german written program, by a german programmer and ported to english- so its hard to follow (sometimes) but has much nicer features, like screen wipes, fades and special effects- including a most cool WinAmp spectrum analyzer.

Are there any other Parallel (HD44780 controller) LCD software apps? All the ones I've found on the web have been for serial based (see: EXPENSIVE) displays :confused: :mad:

Any help would be appreciated.


New Member
Nov 22, 2002
nope, i don't think so. LCD smartie got's the 20x4 display bug.
take a look at the feature list of jalcd:

-high speed data transfer to the display
-easy-to-use configuration utility
-doesn't use up too many resources
-high stability
-transition effects and many other graphical gimmicks
-able to interface to a fli4l-Router
-able to show more information than any other LCD program available
-multiple configuration support, the configs can be changed at runtime
-direct screen control (able to jump to any screen immediately)
-TCP-IP-Interface for remote administration or as an interface to addon programs
-flexible scripting language to make your display do whatever you want

Able to show information about:

-CPU speed
-CPU load
-RAM-size/free RAM/used RAM
-harddisks free/used/total
-current date/time
-upload/download speeds (separately for each NIC or a total value for all NICs)
-up/downstreamtraffic (separately for each NIC or a total value for all NICs)
-up/download speeds reported by a fli4l-router
-temperature/fan-rpm/voltages from Mainboard Monitor 5
-e-mails from up to five accounts
-Winamp information
-distributed.net RC5-stats
[email protected]
-Winamp-Stereo-VU-Meter in 6 different Designs
-Winamp-Song-Position-Bar in 7 different Designs
-Heise-News (german)
-Shortnews-Ticker (german)
-Easy-Mod.de-Newsticker (german)
-information about 5 Half-Life/UT/Q3A-gameserver
-program of 15 TV stations (german)

and a lot of plugins, icq, edonkey, nero etc..