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LCD: Samsung 191T or Sony SDM-V72W?

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Mar 2, 2002
New York
I'm buying a LCD monitor soon and was wondering if I could get any opinions:

Sony SDM-V72W
Samsung 191T

I'm pretty sure I would get the Sony but it does not have DVI, only analog input for computers. The Samsung has digital (DVI) input which I would utilize with my pny geforce 3ti500 but it only has a brightness of 250 cd/m2 while the Sony has a brightness of 450 cd/m2. I wonder if it matters that much. I will be using them for surfing the web and playing games while at the same time preserving my eye sight :eek:
Suggestions please if you have experience with either. I think I may go to compusa just to look at the screens sometime soon.
Several sites have predicted an LCD panel war soon. If you can't
cool your jets go with the Samsung...great, future-proof panel. :)
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm pretty sure i'm getting the Samsung 191T. It's a little cheaper, has DVI, and is larger than the Sony.
I narrowed it down to the Viewsonic VX900 and Samsung 191t. I haven't gotten one yet but as of right now, if I did it would be the viewsonic vx900...

those hitachi response times are bs.. 10ms, no way...
It should own, for that price :) I'm sure it will be an amazing monitor though.

I'm looking to spend no more than 1k really so the Samsung 191T seems to be best suited for me with DVI, <25ms rise/fall for gaming, and good looks :D
Actually the MSRP is 699.00 bones...And it is not 10ms response time, the response time is 16ms homer...I really think you would do yourself a big favor by waiting atleast a couple of months...The other big manufacturers should also be releasing new models before 2003...Even the release of this Hitachi should have a profound effect on the pricing of LCD's...Gaming or viewing DVD's or other types of video on a LCD, even with 25ms response times is fair at best, compared to even a cheap *** shadow mask CRT...And compared to a top notch aperature grill CRT like the Sony CDP G420S or the Mitisubishi Diamond Pro 920 is pitiful...just my opinion mind you...that is why after all the research I did led me to purchase the Sony CDP G420S CRT...If I had known about the Hitachi LCD I shure as hell would have waited before purchasing the Sony...But after borrowing a friends Samsung 191T and comparing it to my 4yr plus old NEC C900 and an Hitachi CM 721 gaming and watching different types of video the difference was just to much for me to justify spending a bunch more for a LCD for a whole bunch less...I mean LCD's look really cool but I look at the image not monitor itself...yeah yeah yeah they have a much smaller footprint on your desk...But since I find myself sitting at my computer at least 3 or 4 hours a day the superior image of the CRT won out...Of course I found out about the Hitachi right after buying the Sony, but oh well such is life...Didnt mean to start anything, just meant to inform you that new LCD technology and pricing is fixing to heat up...With the holidays just around the corner I would wait....Good Luck on what ever decision you make.
pardon me, 15ms rise, 10ms fall... there happy?

I believe the model you are talking about is the CML190B seen HERE

I'm still skeptical. I follow all the hardware sites from the einquirer to anandtechs, to like 8 others. I think if the 25ms barrier had been beaten so badly we would've seen some sort of response from the "hardware freak" community.

I found the CML190b for $982 + $16.00 shipping. Not too shabby...
17" LCD from Hitachi Sets New Standard for Monitor Response Times - Almost Twice as Fast as Competitors for Smoother Computer Video, Animation and Gaming

CML174B CML174

Westwood, Mass –– October 23, 2002 –– Hitachi America, Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT), has introduced a 17” LCD monitor that has almost twice the response time of any other flat panel monitor on the market. This rapid response time makes Hitachi’s CML174 ideal for gaming, animation, digital signage, multi-media driven applications or for general users viewing video over the World Wide Web. The CML174’s rapid response time provides significantly smoother video and motion with reduced ghosting - finally making flat panel displays a viable option for many computer video and gaming users.

With a 12 millisecond rise and 4 millisecond fall time, the CML174 provides one of the best moving images of any LCD computer monitor. While optimized for gaming, animation and multimedia applications, all users could benefit from the improved performance.

“The average flat panel display has a pixel response time of 30 ms. Hitachi’s new CML174 responds almost twice as fast as other monitors and significantly reduces the ghosting and jagged pixel effects common in most other LCDs. At this speed the CML174 opens new vistas of experience for the flat panel viewer,” said Leslie Bishop, marketing communications manager of the Hitachi America, Ltd. monitor group.

Users in gaming and animation can now enjoy faster motion combined with the space savings features of LCD flat panel technology. The panel features an ultra slim 16 mm bezel on each side with an auto-adjust function for quick, beautiful image adjustments. The CML174 comes with 160 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles as well as a pixel pitch of .264.

The new monitor delivers a 17” viewing area (388 x 270 mm). It provides inputs for 15-pin D-sub and DVI-D connectors for flexibility and superior images. It also delivers 260 nit brightness and a superior 400:1 contrast ratio with a prime recommended resolution of 1280x1024 at 75 or 60Hz.

The new LCD comes in an Ivory (CML174) or black (CML174B) cabinet and its brickless design uses a standard monitor power cable, eliminating the hassle of replacing or mounting the more expensive power converter. This display can be arm or wall mounted with additional third party arms and meets VESA Flat Panel Monitor Physical Mounting Interface (FPMPMI) spacing standards.

PC & Mac compatible (some Macs may require an adapter) the CML174 weighs only 11 Lbs, including the base, with a panel-only depth of 2.4”.

The TCO ’99 or ‘95 approved CML174 complies with the world’s strictest standards for low radiation, safety ergonomics and power management. It comes with a 3 year warranty and will begin shipping to Hitachi distributors around November 8th with an MSRP of $699.00


For some reason or another the link is not coming up as copied
And as for the Enquirer etc...All the sites I look at (and it is a bunch as I am still in the learning process) do not cover monitors or power supply's with the vigor of motherboards and other hardware...Not trying to start an argument just trying to give a little information that I wished I would have known about before buying the Sony CRT...:rolleyes:
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Apparently it's out now and these are the specs:

Specifications CML190B
Color Black/midnight gray
Size & Type 19" MDVA flat panel
Pixel Pitch .294 mm
Contrast ratio 500:1 (typical)
Brightness 250 nit (typical)
Prime and Max. resolution 1280 x 1024** @ 60 60Hz or 75 Hz max for analog, 60 Hz for digital
Viewing angle 170 deg. H x 170 deg. V
Frequency range (analog) 24 - 80kHz
56 - 75 Hz
Frequency Range (digital) 24 - 80 kHz, 56 - 75 Hz
Video clock frequency 135 MHz
Pixel response time tr: 15 ms, tf: 10 ms (both typical)
Microprocessor presets
Standard settings 20
Signal input 15 pin D-sub & DVI-D
Tilt & Swivel +5 / -25 deg. tilt & +45/-45 swivel

Cost is about $960.00 including shipping! This seems like it's an awsome monitor, can't the numbers lie sometimes tho? :/ (i.e. great specs but a bad quality picture etc.)

You can't get much better than 1280x1024 reso (which is what I use), DVI, 19" viewable, and 15/10ms response time :eh?:
yeah see thats what I'm saying. The CO could be bending their numbers to nose ahead. THe kind of numbers Hitachi is proposing is ground-breaking in the LCD world which is another reason why such ground-breaking news hasn't been discussed anywhere. I've read many articles saying each company measures their response times in diff ways and there really is not standardized method of measuring typical rise and fall times.

Not only that but Hitachi makes some butt-ugly bezel's. No silver is a no go....

the 190CML doesn't have the rise and fall of the one hookem was talking about. The 170 model has a fall time of 4ms, thats not a new step thats a gigantic leap ahead in technology. I didn't think we'd see single digit response time's until at least next year.
Pixel response time tr: 15 ms, tf: 10 ms (both typical******)

****** Only on Mars and select planets, not including earth.

Just kidding around of course, there are no stars in the actualy specs :rolleyes:
I think the black one looks bad to the bone...Anybody want to buy a 3wk old Sony CDP G420S...Just kidding that would mean buying a new case, keyboard, mouse...Hold me back :burn:
The Hitachi CML190B you mean? Yeah...

The Samsung 191T looks pretty cool too though. I'm leaning towards the Hitachi atm to be honest. That's if I get myself to believe that the specifications are actually correct though. :confused:
AMDbuilder I mean that CML174 ... The new one with the kickass specs... Now you got me wondering about this CML190... off to the Hitachi Site...Geezzz when will it stop...LOL...just kidding, because you just have to like the idea of LCD's catching up with CRT's...Gotta go check it out...Back in a flash !!!!