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Aug 29, 2001
Rochester, NY
Im looking for a 7inch touch screen lcd for my computer/car stereo.
Yes im am doing away with my indash cd player and am putting a via eden in my car for both audio and video but i would like one of my lcd's to be a touch screen so that i do not have to use a mouse, so does anyone know where i could find one of these?

thanks for the help.
I dont know where you would find one, but using a small monitor and a rollerball mouse may be possible? Ie having a ball in the dash that you roll to control the mouse on screen.

LCD Touch screen monitors are likely to be very expensive. Try a store that produces machines for businesses, as a lot of checkout terminals at stores are touch screen and they have to get them from somewhere...

As David accurately stated, touch screens double the cost of any LCD. Even IF you can find an overlay model the same size as your sreen.

But if you're insistant on doing so ( and have $600 to burn) you can buy small touchscreen LCD kits from www.EarthLCD.com
I think i remeber planar selling some sort of touch monitor but they changed there site around and i couldn't find any links, but search for a while on that. They might have been in the bigger size range but i forget
a palm pda sized screen costs $50+
it's what, 2x2?

the larger the lcd the greater chance for errors, thus a higher cost

a 15" lcd is not touch as costs, what $300, double that for touch screen at least. price is only down because of mass production. they cost 1500 easily when they came out.

now make it a rarer 7" in touchscreen form. it's going to be costly.

even if you find that size in touch screen you'll need to have a way to hook it up, most of those screens are proprietary. the only large ones I can think of are for the new tablet pc's and they're very rare.

good luck.