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LED'S ON A 9300? YES INDEED! Plus many more mods I did over the summer <56k beware>

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Ozzlo, i noticed that on my 9300, there are some LED pins on the mainboard, right next to CPU fan + GPU fan + subwoofer connectors. Obviously they are for XPS2 LED. I can count 5 pins for each connector.

Theory: we flash 9300 bios to XPS2 bios, then solder those LED pins to superbight led => our 9300 will "bling bling" like XPS2 :D

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Yes I saw those too but I diden't want to deal with trying to figure out the proper led's to use PLUS I HAVE A STRICT POLICY AGAINST SOLDERING ON THE MOTHERBOARD!

ok sorry guys for the delays but I FUDGED UP and have sent an unnecessary high amount of current through my subwoofer amplifier.... the laptop refuses to boot.... :( I wired my relay bass ackwards and made a dead short... I just went and boutght a new relay to replace the fried one...

one of 3 things have just happened yesterday...

I toasted my motherboard

I fried the subwoofer amplifier (no more subwoofer ever)

the laptop has some sort of safty (doubtful but just maybe) and everything is just fine... or the relay went up in smoke before the motherboard did...

I do have more pics but I am way too buisy to upload them and I'm more concerned about the laptop than uploading pics... I should be able to work on it again eigther late late tonight or late late tomorrow...
Man, that sucks m8 :(

I plan on flashing my Bios to the XPS Gen 2, then to M170 and upgrading to a 7800GTX In a year or two or more.
Ok After working on my laptop for the past hour... with my heart beating faster than a hummingbird I hit the power and I discovered....

IT STILL WORKS!!!!........... but the sub amplifier is blown... I can get pics of the dynamated stuff up over the weekend (the only time I really have any time to do anything) The pics this time are a lot more crisp and clean i promise...
Just an update... I've been really buisy lately...

The subwoofer amplifier is not blown... apparently any variation in resistance greater than 1% triggers some auto protect circuit which disables the subwoofer... I have since removed the "pulse to the music mod completelly" and the subwoofer has returned to normal operation...

also I have some pics up of the dynamated subwoofer... Look for the smiley face in the first picture... :)
^^^^ teh pixs where updated in the first post... look for the silver peice of dynamat with a smiley face :D

DDR-PIII said:
haha your gonan kill that thing one of these days.

funny you should say that.... 2 months ago I dropped my bag on the concrete and the laptop got nailed in the corrner... (chipped the corrner)...I've had plans to put a little bondo on the corrner for some time but i've been too buisy... and I did get a better bag which had a little more padding for it...

I mean I dropped my bag from like 4 1/2 feet with about 40 lbs of shcool book in there too... I was expecting the whole screen to be cracked and the hinges broken but nope... it's rock solid sturdy still... just a little chip...

I also have another mod which I have completed as of late which involves installing my logitech G7 cordless transmitter INSIDE my laptop so I will never loose the transmitter and never have to plug it in... It works flawlessly and I've baffled a few people with how it's working... this spring break I will probbably post some pictures...
ozzlo said:
What song should I have the LED's PULSE to in the video?

Personally I think it was your nsync collection that caused the problem with the sub !!!!
Personally I think it was your nsync collection that caused the problem with the sub !!!!

HA HA HA ha... ha..........ha........................h..a......ah........h........... SERIOUSLY YOU THINK SO?


hmmm I still gotta post up my internal usb mod... I was considering making a guide out of it but I have so little time... It took months of spare time to create the p-m uberclocking guide...
Did you OC through the BIOS or through a hardware mod? If I read correctly you "only" did a volt mod (excluding all the other mods you did ;))
nope that's a hardware overclock modding 2 pins on the socket to increase the FSB from 100mhz to 133mhz

The 533mhz PIN MOD
*some of the information in here may have come from other posts I have made and I may have copied and pasted straight in a few times cause I'm so lazy but i'm only copying stuff in my posts.

I basically followed the steps in this guide... I mean It's not llike I could come up with my own variation... OR COULD I?

THE first attempt at the pinmod resulted in a non functioning computer because the mod was rotated 90 degrees the wrong way... after my heart attack stopped I figured it out and oriented the mod the correct way but still no boot... Now i was really worried After fifteen minuites of looking it over and worring I figured out that I forgot to tighten the socket locking screw. After that it booted and I had an instant boost from 1.7ghz to 2.26ghz. but it failed prime 95 in just 10 minuites which led me to do the next mod...

of course that required a 400mhz processor purchased from ebay. I got really confused whith the whole 479/478 pin thing so I followed this proven method.

my apologies for not getting my internal USB mod up yet... I've just been so buisy... I have a couple weeks comming up soon which I might be albe to get it up.
so all of your LEDs are powered by a USB connection...???

****, I would have gone down to radio shack and picked up some cool little chips to make those LEDs blink and give people epileptic seizures
ranc1d said:
so all of your LEDs are powered by a USB connection...???

****, I would have gone down to radio shack and picked up some cool little chips to make those LEDs blink and give people epileptic seizures

lol... first of all it's not quite that easy plus plain blinking on and off would look kinda silly... I've been working on splicing a signal from the subwoofer to make them pulse to the musc with a couple transistors, I've allready tried to make it work with relays but it diden't work at all... again this was a project which was supposed to be done this summer but I never got around to it... so this project will wait till next summer.... so sorry but real life just has been kicking my arse lately...
Very nice mods!

A couple of questions...

1) Can you fix the pictures? :)

2) What mm LED's did you use?
fix the pictures? are they not up? perhaps the university had some downtime... Happens once a week at some odd time I think...