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Lets countdown the most anticipated games this year!!

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Jun 25, 2002
San Francisco CA
Basically there are sooo many threads regarding what cool game is coming when that this is just necessary. So no more, "when is this going to come out?" threads...UNTIL NEXT YEAR. Ok so here ya go:

Or click here for the actual linky of this list for links and such.

July 27, 2004 Room Zoom Jaleco Entertainment Racing Action
August 1, 2004 Empires in Arms: The Napoleonic Wars of 1805 - 1815 Matrix Games Strategy
August 1, 2004 I of the Dragon Strategy First Action RPG
August 1, 2004 NHL Eastside Hockey Manager SEGA Sports Simulation
August 2, 2004 Chaos League Strategy First Strategy
August 2, 2004 COPS 2170: The Power of Law Strategy First Strategy
August 2, 2004 Gun Metal Zoo Digital Publishing Shooter
August 2, 2004 Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend Running With Scissors Shooter
August 2, 2004 Time of Defiance Strategy First Strategy
August 3, 2004 DOOM 3 Activision Shooter
August 10, 2004 Chessmaster 10th Edition Ubisoft Strategy
August 15, 2004 PT Boats: Knights of the Sea 1C Company Simulation
August 16, 2004 Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War Shrapnel Games Strategy
August 18, 2004 Dark Fall: Lights Out The Adventure Company Adventure
August 20, 2004 Atomic Enforcer Got Game Entertainment Action Adventure
August 20, 2004 eJay Dance 6: The Evolution Empire Interactive Music Editor
August 24, 2004 The Political Machine Ubisoft Strategy
August 30, 2004 IHRA Professional Drag Racing 2005 Bethesda Softworks Racing
August 30, 2004 World Championship Rugby Acclaim Sports
August 31, 2004 Crusader Kings Paradox Entertainment Strategy
August 31, 2004 Gary Grigsby's World at War Matrix Games Strategy
August 31, 2004 ShellShock: Nam '67 Eidos Interactive Shooter
September 1, 2004 Anarchy Online - Alien Invasion Funcom RPG
September 1, 2004 Armies of Exigo Electronic Arts Strategy
September 1, 2004 Codename: Panzers CDV Strategy
September 1, 2004 Icehockey Club Manager 2005 JoWood Productions Sports Simulation
September 1, 2004 Shadow Vault Strategy First Strategy RPG
September 6, 2004 Juiced Acclaim Racing
September 6, 2004 Kohan II: Kings of War Gathering Strategy
2004-09-07 MTX Mototrax Sports
September 7, 2004 Chris Sawyer's Locomotion Atari Simulation
September 7, 2004 The Saga of Ryzom Tri Synergy RPG
September 8, 2004 Madden NFL 2005 EA Sports Sports Simulation
September 10, 2004 Port Royale 2 Tri Synergy Simulation
September 13, 2004 EverQuest: Omens of War Sony Online Entertainment RPG
September 13, 2004 FlatOut Empire Interactive Racing
September 14, 2004 Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia Square Enix RPG
September 14, 2004 NHL 2005 Electronic Arts Sports
September 14, 2004 The Sims 2 Electronic Arts Simulation
September 15, 2004 Rome: Total War Activision Strategy
September 16, 2004 Dungeon Lords DreamCatcher Interactive Action RPG
September 20, 2004 Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Electronic Arts Shooter
September 20, 2004 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 Electronic Arts Sports
September 20, 2004 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War THQ Strategy
September 21, 2004 Silent Hunter III Ubisoft Simulation
September 21, 2004 Star Wars Battlefront LucasArts Shooter
September 22, 2004 Evil Genius Vivendi Universal Strategy
September 27, 2004 Full Spectrum Warrior THQ Strategy
September 28, 2004 Backyard Hockey 2005 Sports
September 28, 2004 Backyard Skater Atari Sports
September 28, 2004 Myst IV Revelation Ubisoft Adventure
September 29, 2004 Tribes: Vengeance Vivendi Universal Shooter
September 2004 Hearts of Iron - Platinum Strategy
September 2004 Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Director's Edition Electronic Arts Shooter
September 2004 The Silver Earring Ubisoft Adventure
September 30, 2004 Arena Wars Tri Synergy Strategy
September 30, 2004 Xpand Rally *TBA Racing
October 1, 2004 Down in Flames Battlefront.com Strategy RPG
October 1, 2004 Nexus - The Jupiter Incident HD Interactive Strategy
October 1, 2004 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl THQ Shooter
October 1, 2004 The Bard's Tale Vivendi Universal Action RPG
October 1, 2004 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Mission Pack 2 (Tentative) Ubisoft Shooter
October 1, 2004 Worms Forts Under Siege SEGA Strategy
Q4 2004 Brigade E5: New Jagged Union 1C Company Strategy
October 3, 2004 Atlantis Evolution The Adventure Company Adventure
October 4, 2004 100 Bullets Acclaim Action Adventure
October 4, 2004 Call of Duty 2 Activision Shooter
October 4, 2004 Call of Duty: United Offensive Activision Action
October 4, 2004 Close Combat: First to Fight Destineer Shooter
October 4, 2004 Conflict: Vietnam Gathering Action
October 5, 2004 BloodRayne 2 Majesco Inc. Action
October 5, 2004 FIFA Soccer 2005 Electronic Arts Sports
October 5, 2004 Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude Sierra Adventure
October 5, 2004 Men of Valor Vivendi Universal Shooter
October 5, 2004 NBA Live 2005 EA Sports Sports Simulation
October 5, 2004 Shadow Ops: Red Mercury Atari Shooter
October 5, 2004 Tony Hawk's Underground 2: World Destruction Tour Activision Sports
October 11, 2004 Origin of the Species Tri Synergy Action Adventure
October 12, 2004 ER Take-Two Interactive Adventure
October 12, 2004 Pacific Fighters Ubisoft Flight Action
October 12, 2004 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Activision RPG
October 15, 2004 Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge THQ Racing Action
October 16, 2004 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Konami Action
October 18, 2004 SuperPower 2 DreamCatcher Interactive Strategy
October 19, 2004 Brothers in Arms Ubisoft Shooter
October 19, 2004 Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Bethesda Softworks Adventure
October 19, 2004 Law & Order: Justice Is Served Vivendi Universal Adventure
October 21, 2004 Hidden & Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron Gathering Action
October 25, 2004 SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie THQ Platformer
October 25, 2004 Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed LucasArts RPG
October 25, 2004 Wartime Command: Battle For Europe 1939-1945 Codemasters Strategy
October 26, 2004 Zoo Tycoon II Microsoft Simulation
October 27, 2004 Axis & Allies: RTS Atari Strategy
October 27, 2004 The Incredibles THQ Action
October 31, 2004 FirePower GMX Media Flight Simulation
November 1, 2004 DRIV3R Atari Racing Action
November 1, 2004 Half-Life 2 Vivendi Universal Shooter
November 1, 2004 Heroes of the Pacific Encore Flight Action
November 1, 2004 Painkiller: Battle out of Hell DreamCatcher Interactive Shooter
November 2, 2004 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Activision Platformer
November 2, 2004 Polar Express THQ Adventure
November 2, 2004 RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Atari Simulation
November 2, 2004 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 Ubisoft Shooter
November 2004 The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth Electronic Arts Strategy
November 16, 2004 CSI: Miami Ubisoft France Puzzle
November 16, 2004 Prince of Persia 2 (2004) Ubisoft Action Adventure
November 16, 2004 The Matrix Online Warner Bros. Interactive RPG
November 17, 2004 Need for Speed Underground 2 Electronic Arts Racing Action
November 20, 2004 Dragon Empires Codemasters RPG
Fall 2004 THUG 2 Activision Sports
November 22, 2004 EverQuest II Sony Online Entertainment RPG
November 2004 Ultima Online: Samurai Empire Electronic Arts RPG
November 30, 2004 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Ubisoft Action Adventure
December 1, 2004 Cold War DreamCatcher Interactive Action
December 1, 2004 Dungeon Siege II Microsoft RPG
November 6, 2004 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords LucasArts RPG
December 7, 2004 Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs RPG
December 7, 2004 World of Warcraft Blizzard RPG
December, 2004 American Chopper Activision Value Racing Simulation
Q4, 2004 Knight Rider 2 Universal Interactive Action Adventure
TBA D-Day *TBA Strategy
TBA Iritor Online *TBA RPG
TBA 2004 A.I.M. Artificial Intelligence Machine 1C Company Action RPG
TBA 2004 ALFA: Antiterror Strategy First Strategy
TBA 2004 Alien Hominid *TBA Action
TBA 2004 America II CDV Strategy
TBA 2004 Axis Arena Jamie System Development Shooter
TBA 2004 Axle Rage 1C Company Action Adventure
TBA 2004 Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This at Home Eidos Interactive Wrestling
TBA 2004 Ballance Atari Puzzle Action
TBA 2004 Ballerium *TBA Strategy
TBA 2004 BattleMyth Mergato Studios RPG
TBA 2004 Bet on Soldier Digital Jesters Shooter
TBA 2004 Beyond Normandy: Assignment Berlin ValuSoft Action
TBA 2004 Blades of Avernum Spiderweb Software RPG
TBA 2004 BoomTown Action
TBA 2004 Borderzone 1C Company RPG
TBA 2004 Call of Cthulhu: Beyond the Mountains of Madness *TBA Adventure
TBA 2004 Cold War Conflict GMX Media Strategy
TBA 2004 Colin McRae Rally 04 Codemasters Racing
TBA 2004 Conan TDK Action Adventure
TBA 2004 Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars CDV Strategy
TBA 2004 Counter-Strike: Source Shooter
TBA 2004 Cross Racing Championship *TBA Racing
TBA 2004 Dark and Light NP Cube RPG
TBA 2004 Dark Signs Online Omnicron Software Simulation
TBA 2004 Dark Signs Single Player Omnicron Software Simulation
TBA 2004 Darkfall Online *TBA RPG
TBA 2004 Dekaron GameHi RPG
TBA 2004 Desert Law 1C Company Strategy
TBA 2004 Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge *TBA Strategy
TBA 2004 Disney's Aladdin Chess Adventures Vivendi Universal Strategy
TBA 2004 Divine Divinity 2 CDV RPG
TBA 2004 Earth 2160 Online Zuxxez Strategy
TBA 2004 Eden Eclipse Renegade Gods Shooter
TBA 2004 Eon of Tears *TBA RPG
TBA 2004 Eschaton Online *TBA RPG
TBA 2004 Extreme Pool *TBA Sports Simulation
TBA 2004 Face of Mankind *TBA RPG
TBA 2004 Fahrenheit Virgin Interactive Adventure
TBA 2004 Fate of Ages *TBA RPG
TBA 2004 Fear Factor: Unleashed ARUSH Entertainment Adventure
TBA 2004 Final Score Sunstorm Interactive Action
TBA 2004 Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich Irrational Games RPG
TBA 2004 Galactic Civilizations: Altarian Prophecy Strategy First Strategy
TBA 2004 Garfield: The Movie Hip Interactive Action
TBA 2004 Gates of Troy Slitherine Software Strategy
TBA 2004 Ghouls 'N Ghosts Online Capcom Action Adventure
TBA 2004 Glympse *TBD RPG
TBA 2004 Golden Land Russobit-M RPG
TBA 2004 Golden Land: Cold Skies Russobit-M RPG
TBA 2004 Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris Cenega Adventure
TBA 2004 Gorky Zero JoWood Productions Action
TBA 2004 Gothic II: Night of the Raven Atari Action RPG
TBA 2004 Grafan Action RPG
TBA 2004 GTR *TBA Racing Simulation
TBA 2004 Gumshoe *TBA Adventure
TBA 2004 Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage DreamCatcher Interactive Strategy
TBA 2004 Harpoon 4 Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI) Strategy
TBA 2004 Heart of Stone Eidos Interactive Action Adventure
TBA 2004 Heritage of Kings Ubisoft Strategy
TBA 2004 Hidden & Dangerous 3 Gathering Action
TBA 2004 Hill Project *TBA Shooter
TBA 2004 Hollow Action
TBA 2004 HomePlanet Russobit-M Simulation
TBA 2004 Hulk 2 Vivendi Universal Action
TBA 2004 Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile Myelin Media Strategy
TBA 2004 Infinity War Activision Action
TBA 2004 Inuits Action Adventure
TBA 2004 Jerusalem Cryo Interactive Adventure
TBA 2004 Kao the Kangaroo Round 2 JoWood Productions Action
TBA 2004 Khan The Absolute Power Mirinae Entertainment RPG
TBA 2004 Knights of the Temple TDK Mediactive Action Adventure
TBA 2004 Knights over Europe *TBA Flight Simulation
TBA 2004 Kreed Russobit-M Action
TBA 2004 Kult: Heretic Kingdoms Project Three Interactive RPG
TBA 2004 Lamborghini FX Titus
TBA 2004 Majesty Legends *TBA Strategy
TBA 2004 Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance Wargaming.net Strategy
TBA 2004 Medieval Lords: Build, Defend, Expand Simulation
TBA 2004 Metalheart: Replicants Rampage *TBA Strategy RPG
TBA 2004 Meteor Blade InterServ International Fighting
TBA 2004 Miami Vice Davilex Action Adventure
TBA 2004 Midway: Naval Battles *TBA Strategy
TBA 2004 MiniOne Racing Frogames Racing Action
TBA 2004 Modern Naval Battles Battlefront.com Strategy
TBA 2004 Mourning Limitless Horizons Entertainment LLC RPG
TBA 2004 Mutant Chronicles Online Paradox Entertainment Strategy
TBA 2004 Napoleon GMX Media Strategy
TBA 2004 NASCAR 2005 EA Sports Racing
TBA 2004 Neighbors From Hell 2 JoWood Productions Puzzle
TBA 2004 No Name War Strategy
TBA 2004 Pathologic Buka Entertainment Adventure
TBA 2004 Pet Racers Techland Racing
TBA 2004 Pilot Down Wanadoo Edition Action
TBA 2004 Pirates of the Burning Sea Flying Lab RPG
TBA 2004 Pirates! (2004) Atari Strategy
TBA 2004 Pool Paradise Ignition Entertainment Sports
TBA 2004 Power Politics III Kellogg Creek Software Simulation
TBA 2004 Priest JCEntertainment Action
TBA 2004 Private Wars 1C Company Shooter
TBA 2004 Rag Doll Kung Fu *TBA Fighting Simulation
TBA 2004 Raze the Roof *TBA Shooter
TBA 2004 Return to Mysterious Island The Adventure Company Adventure
TBA 2004 RHEM 2 Puzzle Adventure
TBA 2004 Rig 'n' Roll 1C Company Simulation
TBA 2004 Sahara Action
TBA 2004 Savage Eden: The Battle for Laghaim iEntertainment Strategy RPG
TBA 2004 Seal of Evil GMX Media Action RPG
TBA 2004 Sentinel: Descendants in Time The Adventure Company Adventure
TBA 2004 Serious Sam 2 *TBA Shooter
TBA 2004 Shade: Wrath of Angels Cenega Action Adventure
TBA 2004 Shemion The Adventure Company Adventure
TBA 2004 Shining Lore Phantagram RPG
TBA 2004 Shoot to Kill Codemasters Shooter
TBA 2004 Silent Hill 4: The Room Konami Action
TBA 2004 Silent Storm: Sentinels Strategy
TBA 2004 Sniper Elite: Berlin 1943 Wanadoo Edition Action
TBA 2004 Space Hack Rebelmind Action RPG
TBA 2004 SpaceStation: Sim Simulation
TBA 2004 SPECNAZ: Project Wolf *TBA Shooter
TBA 2004 Speedball Arena Bitmap Brothers Sports
TBA 2004 Star Wolves 1C Company Action Adventure
TBA 2004 StarKnights Strategy
TBA 2004 Starship Troopers Empire Interactive Shooter
TBA 2004 State of Emergency 2 BAM! Entertainment Action
TBA 2004 Still Life XS Games Adventure
TBA 2004 StokedRider Bong Fish Sports
TBA 2004 Strategic Command 2: Blitzkrieg Battlefront.com Strategy
TBA 2004 Street Racing Syndicate Namco Racing
TBA 2004 Strength & Honor *TBA Strategy
TBA 2004 Supremacy: Four Paths to Power Strategy First Strategy
TBA 2004 Supreme Ruler 2010 Strategy First Strategy
TBA 2004 The Arrangement Got Game Entertainment Adventure
TBA 2004 The Bloody Magic 1C Company Action RPG
TBA 2004 The Chronicles of Ny *TBA RPG
TBA 2004 The Fall: Last Days of Gaia *TBA RPG
TBA 2004 The Fifth Disciple Cenega RPG
TBA 2004 The Guy Game *TBA Trivia
TBA 2004 The Red Star Acclaim Action
TBA 2004 The Warriors Rockstar Games Action
TBA 2004 Top Spin Atari Sports Simulation
TBA 2004 Torque: Savage Roads JoWood Productions
TBA 2004 Torrente O~3 Entertainment
TBA 2004 Total Extreme Warfare 2004 .400 Software Studios Wrestling Simulation
TBA 2004 Total Pro Baseball .400 Software Studios Sports Simulation
TBA 2004 Trash *TBA Strategy
TBA 2004 Ultimate Baseball Online Netamin.com Sports
TBA 2004 Universal Combat - Edge to Edge *TBA Simulation
TBA 2004 Varmint Hunting Speedco Shooter
TBA 2004 Vendetta Online Strategy First RPG
TBA 2004 Voodoo Islands Koch Media Action Adventure
TBA 2004 W.A.T.E.R. Action
TBA 2004 Wake of the Comet Grimoire Systems RPG
TBA 2004 Weird War: The Unknown Episode of World War II Techland RPG
TBA 2004 White Fear (Inuits) Playlogic International Adventure
TBA 2004 Wish Mutable Realms Inc. RPG
January 2, 2005 Snowblind Eidos Interactive Shooter
January 3, 2005 City of Villains NCsoft RPG
January 3, 2005 Imperial Glory Eidos Interactive Strategy
January 3, 2005 SWAT: Urban Justice Sierra Shooter
January 3, 2005 Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms Sierra Shooter
January 10, 2005 Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Funcom Adventure
February 1, 2005 Exarch Online NCsoft RPG
February 1, 2005 Guild Wars NCsoft RPG
February 1, 2005 Star Wars: Republic Commando LucasArts Shooter
February 5, 2005 Pariah Groove Games Shooter
February 7, 2005 Empire Earth 2 Vivendi Universal Strategy
February 15, 2005 Middle-Earth Online Vivendi Universal RPG
March 1, 2004 Auto Assault NCsoft Action
March 1, 2005 Battlefield 2 Electronic Arts Shooter
March 1, 2005 Black & White 2 Electronic Arts Strategy
March 7, 2005 Tabula Rasa NCsoft RPG
March 15, 2005 The Movies Activision Simulation
Q1 2005 Advent Rising Majesco Inc. Action
May 2005 LEGO Star Wars Giant Interactive Entertainment Action
Spring 2005 War in the Falklands Shrapnel Games Strategy
June 1, 2005 Unreal III [working title] Shooter
July 3, 2005 Operation Flashpoint 2 Codemasters Action Simulation
December 1, 2005 After Life NCsoft Simulation
December 1, 2005 Duke Nukem Forever Gathering of Developers Action
TBA Chester Adventures *TBA Action Adventure
TBA 2005 Hearts of Iron 2 Strategy
TBA 2005 Moment of Silence *TBA Adventure
TBA 2005 Untitled Iron Lore RPG THQ Action RPG
TBA 2005 Asheron's Call [Untitled Second Expansion] Turbine RPG
TBA 2005 Blitzkrieg 2 CDV Strategy
TBA 2005 Carmageddon 4 SCi Entertainment Group Racing Action
TBA 2005 Chicken Little Buena Vista Games Action
TBA 2005 Citizen Zero *TBA Action
TBA 2005 Dragonshard Wars Atari Strategy
TBA 2005 Dungeons & Dragons Online Atari RPG
TBA 2005 El Matador Cenega Action
TBA 2005 F.E.A.R. Vivendi Universal Shooter
TBA 2005 Fallout 3 Bethesda Softworks RPG
TBA 2005 Hellforces Buka Entertainment Shooter
TBA 2005 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Vivendi Universal Adventure
TBA 2005 Moscow Rush Buka Entertainment Racing Action
TBA 2005 MotoGP 3 THQ Racing
TBA 2005 Operation: Matriarchy Buka Entertainment Shooter
TBA 2005 Pacific Storm Buka Entertainment Strategy
TBA 2005 ParaWorld [working title] *TBA Strategy
TBA 2005 Phase: Exodus Russobit-M RPG
TBA 2005 Rabid Dogs² Simulation
TBA 2005 Relic: Game of the Ancients Strategy First Strategy
TBA 2005 Robots Vivendi Universal Action
TBA 2005 SWAT 4 Vivendi Universal Shooter
TBA 2005 Telladar Chronicles: Decline *TBA Strategy
TBA 2005 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Buena Vista Games Action Adventure
TBA 2005 UFO: Aftershock Cenega Strategy
TBA 2006 Resevoir Dogs SCi Entertainment Group Action

OC Noob

Jun 28, 2002
Phoenix, AZ USA
I was talking to a guy at EB that got to go to E3 (2 people per store get to go) and he said at the Valve (HL2 demonstration the guy said the game would be done around December and take another month or so to get onto store shelves, so if this is to be believed (and I'm not saying it is) HL2 will be in Jan/Feb. of next year.


Jun 20, 2003
OC Noob said:
I was talking to a guy at EB that got to go to E3 (2 people per store get to go) and he said at the Valve (HL2 demonstration the guy said the game would be done around December and take another month or so to get onto store shelves, so if this is to be believed (and I'm not saying it is) HL2 will be in Jan/Feb. of next year.

That doesn't surprise me one bit. By the time we all get it, it'll be around spring time closing into summer. So much for my good summer playing HL2 this year. :(