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Let's play......."Find the bottleneck"

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May 15, 2001
Hi, First let me tell you what my 3dmark 2001 score is:

856. That's right, a measely 856. That is AFTER I tweaked my MOBO, AND...increased the CPU from 800 mhz, to 900 mhz. I tweaked my 256 (Cas2) ram, (1 stick btw) in the BIOS as well. My MOBO can NOT be tweaked anymore. IT's tweaked out.

So it's time to play "find the bottleneck" and tell me where my system is getting stuck.

AMD Duron 800mhz @ 906mhz.......
256 Cas 2 Ram (1 stick put into slot 1)
Abit KT7a MOBO
5400rpm drive WD 13 gig
Viper 550 TNT card (16meg onboard ram)

Where is the problem????????????? Shouldn't I be getting WAYYYYY better scores?
All responses comming from a ClemPson student will be ignored, as it has no merit in anything that even remotely resembles common sense. Moooooo!
Shadow ÒÓ (Jun 19, 2001 08:29 p.m.):
I got to the first line of your specs and had to stop there........I think it's the AMD problem. :D :D :D :D :D

No, actualy AMD processors run circles around the Intel chips. This has been proven, time and time again.
Same problem, though not quite as extreme. Check my string, a couple of us are looking into it (after thinking it was an isolated incident I almost gave up, but seeing these over and over is beginning to expire me to solve this bottleneck issue).

Intel chips are turtles, but they live a long time!
Oh yeah, TNT card... that would be a problem in 3dmark 2001 -- how does your score compare to others? .. lemme see, I got madonion open... looks like you scored 200 points higher than most with the same card. Your PC's fine, your card's tired.
Thanks Pinky and Zoopa or Zupa (Sp? Sorry)

I was wondering what my score was compared with others but didn't want to pay the $$. (cause I'm broke)

200 points higher huh? That's good at least. To Shadow, I KNOW you were kidding, my response was a joke too. Meant to rib back. However, I have a friend who's job it is to test CPU's for a banking operation. (Wachovia) All he does is sit around ALL DAY, and test CPU's and other equipment, then writes up reports for the bank, so they can purchase whatever he says is good. He told me, and I quote "Amd processors run circles around the Intel chips"

I trust him. This guy (about 55) knows every answer to every question I have ever asked him, without thinking about it. Just letting you know.
\if u use win98 u will get better scores then in win2000.....at least that was the case for me......why who knows....u would think the opposite would be true



ps....i got both os's on my system